How to clean window air conditioner without removing it

How to tackle cleaning a window air conditioner without removing it from the wall, and the cleaning kits you can find on Amazon to help with the process.

Owning an air conditioner (AC) is considered as a necessary luxury when it comes to enduring the hot summer days. Keeping cool in your home is one of the best ways to get through the most uncomfortable hot weather conditions.

As an air conditioner owner, it is crucial to know that with owning a cooling unit, you will need to make sure that it is taken care of to ensure that you are getting the best out of it.

Regularly cleaning your unit is a part of taking care of it, to guarantee that it stays functioning at its optimum and that you enjoy it for as long as possible. A window air conditioner can be cleaned in one of two ways, either by removing the unit from the wall completely or by cleaning it without removing.

Ensuring to follow the right steps, should you choose to clean it without removing the unit will be key to doing it properly without any damage to the unit.

How to go about cleaning a window air conditioner unit without removing it

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Cleaning your window air conditioner does not mean that it will need to be completely removed from the wall.

It can be cleaned perfectly without having to be removed, but in a very specific way. It will not be an easy task, but it is doable if enough effort is applied to do the job.

In order to clean the inside unit of the window air conditioner, you will need to place some buckets under your air conditioning unit as you will be using quite a lot of water to clean it. You will then move to unscrewing the frontal case or mask of the unit, to be able to take the air filter out for cleaning on its own.

The next step will require you to spray down the device and wipe it dry at the same time, using a cloth. You will need to do this until you notice that the front and inner parts of the unit are completely clean. The air filter will also need to be sprayed down and rinsed, with the best place to do this being somewhere where there is a sink or bath close by.

For the outside unit of your window air conditioner, you will need to spray the air conditioner without removing the cover. This will need to be done where there is a visible hole. It is recommended that you leave the cleaning agent and the water to absorb through all the parts of the air conditioner collecting as much dirt along with them for up to fifteen minutes.

Then you can proceed to rinse it off with a hose or a bucket of water. It is not a good idea to spray or pour too much water in one go, but little by little, and doing so, you will notice that dirt will be seeping through the bottom holes of the outside unit. When the water seeping through the unit starts to drain and is clean, you will know that your unit is clean.

What are some cleaning kits that you can find on Amazon to clean your window AC unit?

Amazon has some essentials that will come in handy to clean your window air conditioner unit. Getting a good brush set for cleaning certain components such as the air filter will be beneficial.

The Blue Top Household Cleaning Brushes are a great combo. The brush set is available on Amazon for $13.99 and offers universal use for all round household cleaning including for air conditioners. They are easy to clean and store with strong flexibility, so that you can reach difficult to reach areas. They are also non-abrasive, which is good as air conditioner cleaning requires non-abrasive cleaning.

What are the different types of cleaning for your window aircon?

Cleaning of an air conditioner can be done on a weekly and monthly basis. This will involve the cleaning of the air filter specifically.

Seasonal cleaning is what happens after the winter season, and your aircon has been stored away during winter. This is because dirt and filth could have developed in the outside unit, regardless of whether you covered it with window awnings or not.

Cleaning a window air conditioner without removing it will need some added effort, as it is a very dirty and grimy job to perform by yourself.

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