Aircon buying guide Philippines: all you need to know before buying your first AC

If you live in the Philippines, you know how harsh the summer heat is here. It is so hot that people want to spend all day in the mall to feel relaxed and escape the absurd heat outside.

You will know by now that having an air conditioner is a must for every household on top of a working electric fan.

Sure, not everyone can afford an AC but there are cheap and reliable window type aircon units that can be purchased below 10,000 Philippine Peso.

It is easy to make a mistake when buying your first air conditioner and you may end up buying more or less than what you need.

Don’t worry, this aircon buying guide will help you buy your first air conditioner with ease.

How to choose the right air conditioner in the Philippines

Air Conditioners improved a lot in recent years like energy-efficient and technology. Some aircon have features like automatic airflow control and air filter cleaning function.

You can’t find these features in AC units from 10-15 years ago. But this doesn’t mean you should always get these features as they are present as an option only.

Having a full-functioning airconditioner that does its job like, making your home/room cool and comfortable is all you need.

Room size

If your room is too big and you don’t have enough HP in your AC, the room will not get cold enough to make you comfortable. That is why you need to get the area of your room before buying an air conditioner.

Not knowing the room size is the number one mistake first-time Filipino buyers make. Most Pinoys often go to the store or online shop and buy what they think is ‘cool’ not thinking about the space.

Why does room size matter when buying an AC?

Getting a bigger or AC with higher cooling capacity for a small room will cool the room faster without removing the humidity resulting in you being cold and shivery.

While getting a smaller and underpowered AC will take a lot of time to cool your room, it will also generate more power and higher electricity bills. Plus, you’re not getting that comfortable room temperature for you to sleep.To know more about how to get the correct AC size for your room’s area, check this cool article.

Energy saving feature

In general, window type AC is more efficient and costs less than centralized or even split-type air conditioners. There is a reason why this is more preferred by Filipinos because they are cheaper and can last a decade of usage because they have less power consumption.The key thing to look out for when buying an AC is the Energy Efficiency Ration (EER). The higher the EER, the more efficient it is.

Meralco has an awesome guide about EER not just for aircon but also the most common appliances in the Philippines.


AC pricing depends on the unit’s special features. If you’re on a tight budget, you need to give up some cool features for comfort and to cater to your needs.

Installation location

Your house might be located where there’s direct sunlight throughout the day. Or maybe you live in a dusty area that may cause air flow blockage due to dust. These things should also be considered when buying your first air conditioner.

Make sure you have the correct dimension

Do not make a hole in your wall unless you already have your AC. Chances are that you might have the wrong hole size leaving gaps between the wall and AC.


At this point, you understand that the more ‘cool’ features your AC has, the more expensive it gets. That’s why it is really important for you to know which features you should focus on rather than falling into those ‘cool’ but unnecessary features.

#1 The best feature for modern aircons are those with self-cleaning feature

We all know that cleaning an AC can be a pain especially if you need to do it every three months or every month (depending on your location.

Modern AC has self-cleaning features that can automatically clean the air filter which can save you time and energy. Remember that having a clean air filter contributes to a more efficient AC unit.

Clogged filters can cause the unit to run inefficiently resulting in higher electricity bills. Dirty air filters can cause mold problems since molds use dirt as their food source. Molds can also cause bad odors and can trigger allergic reactions.

#2 Air purification and ventilation feature

Some AC units have a built-in air purifier that disinfects and deodorizes the room while ventilation features replace dirty and bad air with a cleaner ones.

People who suffer from allergies or asthma can leverage this feature. Let’s take a look at how AC built-in air purifiers work.

  • It traps viruses and bacteria that trigger asthma and allergy attacks. This also benefits all of us especially this COVID-19 season.
  • Blocks dusts and dust mites. These dust mites are the number one trigger for my allergic rhinitis.
  • Neutralize smoke. If you have a smoker with you, this is the perfect opportunity to get rid of the smoke odor and the smoke itself.
  • Traps pet danders. Have pets? No worries, the built-in air purifier helps reduce pet danders.

Neutralize bad odors. Does your mother love to cook fried fish, especially “tuyo”? Don’t worry, this feature can help eliminate bad odors.

#3 Automatic shut-off feature

Gone are the days when you need to worry about your AC consumption within the day. The automatic shut-off feature acts like a timer where you can control your aircon usage.

This feature is really helpful during bedtime. You can set how many hours you want to run your AC so you can sleep comfortably without setting an alarm with your smartphone.

Other things to consider

Aside from the list above, there are other things that you need to consider when buying your first air conditioner. Things like:

  • Type of building. If you live in a place made of concrete walls or wood.
  • Insulation. If your room or house is properly insulated to avoid the cold air from escaping.
  • Room orientation. Maybe your room has an irregular shape like the walls are blocking the airflow of your AC.

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