Aircon inverter options and prices in the Philippines

Exploring what your best options are when it comes to air conditioner inverters and their prices, as well as establishing all there is to know about aircon inverters.

The Philippines is known to be one of the hottest countries, so naturally, air conditioners (AC) are something of significance that most Philippine households have to keep as cool as can be during the hottest of days.

Should you be looking into what is called an inverter air conditioner however, it might be best to look into what exactly an inverter AC unit is to gain a better understanding into whether this would be the right air conditioner option for you, when it comes to purchasing a unit for your cooling needs.

Gathering all the necessary and relevant information on the reasons you should or should not settle for an inverter aircon will help you decide, as well as looking into the types of brands on offer for inverters on Lazada.

It will also be good to look into the different price ranges of inverter air conditioners available on the market as inverter air conditioners can be on the more expensive side. This is because they operate using the latest inverter technology, which seems to be more popular and becoming a growing trend in the latest aircon options that manufactures are now looking into incorporating in their appliances.

There are many considerations to take into account when deciding if an inverter air con will be best fit for you and your home or space. So, determining if it is worth the purchase and the factors that contribute to making an inverter aircon worth the purchase or not are important.

What is an aircon inverter?

Air conditioners in the Philippines and anywhere else in the world come in two options, an inverter air conditioner and a non-inverter air conditioner. Both of the types can perform the same functions of an air conditioner, which is to cool down spaces and also to heat them up whenever it is necessary.

Being able to tell the difference between the two is what will set them apart in terms of choosing the right aircon inverter for you; one that will be able to deliver on all your cooling needs and in determining which will be the best fit for both you and your home, or whatever space you are looking to purchase one for.

Inverter air conditioners are much more highly developed appliances that take on a more controlled compressor. The main difference between an inverter and non-inverter air con is in the way they operate in terms of how certain components of the unit will work, as well as the differences in their functionality and performance.

When it comes to an inverter aircon, the compressor of the unit will operate in a different way compared to a non-inverter. The compressor unit of an inverter air conditioner has a different way in which the motor system will run. Inverter units will operate with a more inhibited compressor.

When you need the inverter unit to cool or heat a space, the compressor of the unit will be working twice as more, to either increase or decrease the output of cooling or heating that is needed. Therefore, it is not actually working at full capacity.

When it comes to functionality and efficiency, an inverter unit will direct the compressor in terms of speed and the changes to temperature. This simply means that because of the controlled nature of operation, an inverter unit will be more energy efficient as it is able to limit the energy consumption.

This could be the best air conditioner for you, should you be after a cooling system that will be kind to your energy consumption bills. Inverter aircons are also considered more environmentally friendly for this reason.

In terms of performance, inverter aircons are seen as more adaptable and flexible because of the controlled compressor functionality that is able to regulate the temperature that you have set it for, and will also regulate itself according to the requirements of the thermostat.

This ability to be able to switch to what is best suited for you and the room or space you are trying to cool is what sets inverter air conditioners apart from the rest. This makes it one of the frontrunners in the best air conditioners to invest in.

It is also good to note that whether you decide to purchase an inverter aircon or a non-inverter aircon, both will work great to offer you the best in cooling needs for long and hot summer days.

Inverter air conditioners are considered to be quite pricey, which is one of the biggest differences you will find between them and non-inverter units.

Some may say that the first price to pay for an inverter aircon is what can be a negative aspect when it comes to investing in one. This is because the resourcefulness and advanced technology of the features of an inverter unit are what make it more expensive when compared to ordinary conventional non-inverter models.

Others may view an inverter air conditioner as being a great investment for the longer term, as it will save you on energy because of its advanced capabilities to run the compressor in a way that can save you lots of money on the electricity bill.

So, weighing the options and determining if they work for you in terms of making the investment will solely depend on your preferences and what you can and cannot handle, as not everyone will share the same sentiments.

Are aircon inverters worth it?

Weighing in on whether aircon inverters are worth it will determine if this is the right option for you and your home. There are certain considerations to take to help you decide. These include the fact that inverter air conditioners can save you on money for electricity when the unit is the right size.

In the Philippines, air conditioner sizes are determined by horsepower (hp). There are units ranging in half the hp, 1 hp, 1.5 hp, 2 hp and more. The size of horsepower for an inverter unit will need to align with the size of the room/s you will be using your unit in. Choosing the right-sized unit to match the room or space will help you to cool down the room in a shorter time.

Since inverter air conditioners run on the speed of the compressor, this means that that the less the speed of the compressor motor, the less power will be consumed and the more energy will be saved on your electricity bill.

If you decide to invest in an inverter aircon, you will get the added benefit of the unit operating more quietly. This is because the compressor of the unit is running at a lower speed and because of this, the compressor of the inverter unit will produce less noise when running making it a more comfortable option, as you do not have to deal with the noise and you can fully enjoy the cooling you need without the discomfort of background sound.

Inverter air conditioners are said to have to run more frequently for extended periods of time in order to achieve the energy-saving capabilities.

When the unit needs to be operated more frequently than this, it means that the unit will be working a lot and will build up dirt and dust at a more rapid rate. When this is the case, it will mean that you would need to ensure that your inverter aircon is checked and cleaned more often.

This would mean that you would either be paying more often for services and maintenance or if you decide to clean it yourself, it would be more maintenance and labour for you.

Repairing and maintaining an inverter air conditioner is considered to be more expensive and estimated at thousands for these services. If this is not what you are after, then consider if an inverter unit would be the best for you.

The biggest factor to probably consider would be that inverter aircon systems are going to be more expensive to invest in because of the advanced inverter technology that comes with them. So, if you are not willing to spend too much, reconsider if the inverter aircon is for you.

What are some aircon inverter trends in the Philippines?

In the Philippines, the standard price of an inverter air conditioner is between 40 and 45 percent more expensive than a regular speed air conditioner. The government in the Philippines has been proposing an amendment of the Minimum Energy Performance Standards (MEPS) for air conditioning products, which is looking at doing away with inefficient air conditioning products and switching to inverter type air conditioners.

In the Philippines, the Refrigeration and air conditioning (RAC) market has seen some major changes since 2013. Almost 87 percent of window air conditioning units available on the market offer an unchanging speed in compressors with the bulk of split type air conditioning units, 78 percent now have inverter technology.

These airons with inverter compressors were first introduced into the market five years ago. Inverter type RACs, on average, are estimated to cost more than your fixed-speed RACs. This is for all ranges of cooling capacities, except for those units that offer under 9 000 kj/h, the standard price will be 40 to 45 percent higher to conventional non-inverter models.

The difference in pricing between unchanging speed compressor units and inverter compressor units for inverter units with the lowest cooling capacity will be 55 percent.

Furthermore, it is also important to note that the prices of larger capacity units with inverter compressors will also have a wider price difference.

Typically, the price differences between set-speed and inverter window units will be higher than 70 percent, compared to the prices of split type units with inverter compressors typically being at 55 percent higher than set-speed split units.

Other factors that can determine the price differences include the type of brand of an inverter model, the functionality of the inverter unit, the appearance of the model, the technology used in its operation or the energy efficiency. The efficiency metrics of inverter units can reach up to 16 kj/W an hour and above.

What are some of the pros and cons of aircon inverters in the Philippines?

Pros Cons
– The compressor can run at different speeds enabling the unit to have varied cooling to allow for the preferred temperature to be achieved. – Since the unit needs to run for longer periods of time, this increases the likelihood of more frequent repairs and costs.
– It is energy efficient as the compressor is not operating at full capacity the whole time, making it environmentally friendly. – Inverter units will cost more because of the inverter technology.
– It operates by running silently meaning less noise and more comfortability to enjoy cooling performance. – Chances are since, they can be run for longer, they could end up increasing your energy costs depending on how long your extended periods of time are.
– The voltage of the air conditioner will not be constantly changing. – They will have a shorter lifespan because of frequent usage.
– It can cool down spaces much faster. – Where an inverter unit might be too big for your room or space, it could increase humidity since it will run short cycles to achieve the preferred temperature which can lead to the room becoming too hot without dehumidifying.

Which aircon inverter brands are the best in the Philippines, and where should you buy them?

Panasonic Standard Aero Series

Available on Lazada / Shopee

Price: ₱32,000.00

Advantages Disadvantages
– Considered as one of the most reliable inverter air con.

– The inverter system makes it more energy efficient with changeable compressor rotary motion when achieving the desired temperature.

– Able to cool up a space up to 1.5 times quicker.

– It has a large cooling capacity.

– Low vibration on operation meaning it is quieter.

– Installation is not free.

– It is more on the expensive side, costing ₱34,000.00.

– No accessories are included with the purchase.

Haier HSU-12TSV13(DC)-SC 1.5 HP Clean Cool Inverter Split Type Aircon with self- clean

Available on Lazada / Shopee

Price: ₱32,938.00

Advantages Disadvantages
– Can automatically clean the evaporator of the unit when you press the button, removing dirt and killing 99.9 percent of germs producing fresh and vigorous air.

– The Hyper PCB will deliver continuous and strong cooling that is optimized to handle the changes in voltages and unexpected damages.

– Energy saving: the cooling is more rapid and powerful saving energy of up to 63 percent.

– Inverter technology.

– Turbo mode with 47 percent more rapid cooling.

– On the expensive side.

Chigo CHG-S156I150A 1.5 HP inverter Split Type Air Conditioner (White)

Available on Lazada / Shopee

Price: ₱34,995.00

Advantages Disadvantages
– Offers fast cooling technology and considered one of the best units in Philippines.

– The unit has an intelligent sleep mode function.

– Three-core intelligent inverter technology.

– It has an eco-friendly R410a refrigerant.

– The unit is anti-bacterial, able to get rid of formaldehyde and other odours.

– Comes with a vitamin C filter for anti-oxidants to improve the immune system, skin and relieve some mental stress.

– It is corrosive free as the condenser of the unit is coated in the anti-corrosive gold filter. Making it resistant to dust and offering a better efficiency and durability.

– Has a 14 000 kj/h cooling capacity.

– On the expensive side.

AUX Air con – 1.5 HP FF Series Split Type Inverter

Available on Lazada / Shopee

Price: ₱35,159.00

Advantages Disadvantages
– Comes with installation.

– Includes some accessories such as a 10 foot copper tube, a drain hose and polyethylene tape.

– Free installation mechanics.

– Free installation and labour for the first 10 feet, valid to certain places only.

– Energy-saving up to 61.3 percent per day.

– 4D airflow feature

– A strong air passage helping to boost the outgoing air flow and cooling faster.

– Dual side installation.

– Currently out of stock.

– Is expensive.

– Standard installation costs will apply should it not be covered by the Free Installation Promo.

– Some accessories included and some not.

Hisense 1.0 HP AS-09TR2S Split Type Inverter Air Conditioner

Available on Lazada / Shopee

Price: ₱26,995.00

Advantages Disadvantages
– Inverter technology ready.

– An affordable inverter air conditioner when compared to other brands.

– Will help in saving energy and money because of its split type inverter.

– Offering a 2370 to 11 763 kj/h cooling capacity.

– Great for cooling rooms that are medium sized up to 18 square metres.

– 1.0 horse power lower than other brands.


So, when it comes to deciding if an inverter aircon is the right fit for you and your home, doing all the research into what makes it an air conditioner that will be right for you is very important. With factors such as being more expensive when compared to conventional non-inverter units, you need to be sure that you are comfortable with the added cost that will come with the added benefits.

For some, the added benefits may not necessarily mean that it is worth spending more on investing in an inverter air conditioner, whereas for others, this could seem like the best route to go and a more worthwhile investment for the long-term.

As observed, inverter air conditioner advantages can be great, such as them being more energy efficient, being environmentally friendly, and offering more flexibility and adaptability in terms of its technology, amongst many other reasons.

Although, they can still have their disadvantages when you look closely. Inverter aircon benefits can end up not looking so great in the long run, as some of the benefits that come with them end up being the very things that can cause more problems for you in the long-term.

By having a compressor that is more controlled, you can find yourself running your air conditioner over longer periods of time, because you know that it is what your advanced unit can do.

However, when you look closely, this can end up being a disadvantage if it becomes something you rely on doing frequently.

You might believe you are still saving energy because the inverter unit and its technology can do this, but by running it for longer periods of time, with a regulated compressor that is fluctuating in speeds to maintain the desired temperatures of a room, this ends up resulting in more energy being consumed. Therefore, it defeats the purpose of the energy efficiency you thought you were achieving.

Not only that, but just like any other appliance, overusing it all the time will lead to a much faster rate of a deteriorating lifespan for the appliance or device.

The same applies with inverter air conditioners. Running them over long periods of time will mean that you need to anticipate that the appliance will be decreasing in its lifespan at a much faster rate. This could potentially lead to more frequent maintenance checks and servicing.

You will find yourself spending more to ensure your inverter unit is still properly working, and there are no build-ups of dirt and dust on certain components from the excessive usage.

There are good and bad factors to consider, but weighing in on all of them will really help you to make the best decision and not end up regretting your investment in an inverter air conditioner.

Should an inverter aircon still be your preferred type of air conditioner, regardless of all the pros and cons, then it would be advisable to look into the best options for you and your home when it comes to factors such as price. It would still be best for you to do all the necessary price comparisons to find what is worth it, so that you do not decide on the most expensive.

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