Disadvantages of mini-split systems

The main disadvantages of mini-split systems are their high cost, complicated installation process, and the obvious appearance of the indoor unit.

Ductless mini-split systems work the same way as central air systems, but they are more accessible, and they come in a range of shapes and sizes.

Although mini-split units work well for some people, there are also disadvantages to mini-split systems, such as their high cost, complicated installation, and appearance, which you should consider before you decide to install one.

All about ductless mini-split systems

Ductless mini-split air conditioners have made the world of whole-home air conditioning accessible to many people who do not have ductwork in their homes already.

These ductless mini-split units, as the name implies, require no ducts in your home and have a split main component which consists of a wall-mounted indoor and outdoor compressor unit. Mini-split systems, just like any other air conditioning system, come in different shapes and sizes.

Some mini-split systems only cool down a space, while others have a heating function as well and some systems can even be split multiple ways, so that you can cool several rooms in your home independently from each other.

Disadvantages of mini-split systems

Even though there are many upsides to installing a mini-split unit in your home, especially considering that this is what has made these systems garner popularity in the last few years, it is important that you carefully consider the negative aspects of these units before you purchase and install one in your home.

Although mini-split systems may be less expensive to run in the long term, their initial purchase costs and the additional cost of the installation is expensive.

Most homeowners assume that mini-split units are easy to install and, therefore, that they will not incur excessive installation costs.

However, the installation costs for mini-split units are some of the highest amongst all the different types of air conditioning and heating systems.

To add to this, the installation process is also critical to ensure that your mini-split functions correctly throughout its lifetime.

Mini-split units need to be sized correctly and installed in the correct place in a space. If the installation of these units is not done correctly, they will be prone to short-cycling and just not cooling, heating, or dehumidifying the space effectively.

The final aspect about mini-split units that can be unappealing is the obnoxious appearance of the indoor unit.

Although most units are designed to be as sleek as possible, they still need to be mounted on an interior wall, and unfortunately, this can ruin the design aesthetic of your room.

Why the cost of mini-split systems is a disadvantage

The purchase cost of mini-split units is the most obvious disadvantage of this kind of unit. The average price of a mini-split system per ton or 12 000 BTU of cooling capacity can be up to 30 percent more expensive than central systems and it can even be double that of a window air conditioner.

When you add installation costs on top of this higher price, your mini-split system can end up costing you between $5000 and $7000 in total.

For more complicated, multi-split systems, this price can go up to $30 000 or more, just to get the unit in your house and installed.

Why the complicated installation of mini-split systems is a disadvantage

Mini-split systems often have the reputation of being simple to install and although they do not require that you have to install any ductwork or vents, this is simply not true.

It is important that you get the size and the placement of your mini-split unit right to avoid short-cycling. It is common for incorrectly placed mini-split units to short-cycle, because their thermostat is not correctly positioned to pick up on warm and cold spots in your room.

Although installing a smart thermostat like this Cielo Breez Plus Smart Air Conditioner Controller can help you have more control over the temperature of your space, this is a common issue with many mini-split air conditioning models that you need to be aware of. Especially before you purchase and install one in your home.

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Why the appearance of mini-split systems is a disadvantage

Mini-split systems are not built-in like central air conditioning systems and the indoor unit can be quite noticeable when it is hung on a wall.

This is why it is important that you find a unit that you like the appearance of, because it will be prominent in your home.

If there is an issue with your indoor unit and it leaks or blows ice, this can cause damage to your floors and furniture as the unit will blow the water or ice into the room.

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