How much is the installation of a split type aircon in the Philippines?

Looking at the different price ranges of installing a split type air conditioner in the Philippines, as well as the factors that will influence the difference in pricing. 

The Philippines is regarded as one of the warmest tropical places in the world, and so, air conditioners are a big deal for its people. Installing a split type air conditioner will vary in price, depending on the type of split type unit the air conditioner is.

There will be different costs for basic model split type units, indoor wall or ceiling type units will not cost the same as a basic model, while ductless mini-split air conditioners will also have their own price ranges.

What are the price ranges of installing a split type air conditioner?

In the Philippines, when you look at most split type air conditioners available for purchase on Lazada, some will include free installation.

This means that you will only pay to purchase the unit and will not pay an extra cent to have the unit installed for you, which can be the ultimate bargain, especially if you paid a pricey amount for your air conditioner.

Samsung Split Type Aircon 2.5HP Inverter

An example of this is the Samsung Split Type Aircon 2.5HP Inverter. This unit will cost you about ₱40 499, with the free installation included.

This is a pretty steep price and so free installation would only make sense.

Lazada / Shopee

Sharp 1.5 HP Split Type Inverter Aircon

The Sharp 1.5 HP Split Type Inverter Aircon is another example of a unit that offers free installation, with no added costs with the purchase. This unit will cost you ₱25 999.

Lazada / Shopee

TCL 1HP Split type Inverter Aircon

The TCL 1HP Split type Inverter Aircon available for ₱22 999, will also offer you the benefit of free installation.

You will notice that for most air conditioners, the price of the unit or the brand will determine whether or not the air conditioner will come with free installation.

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What are the factors that determine the installation costs of a split type air conditioner?

The most obvious factor that can influence the cost of installation of a split type air conditioner is the size of the unit. Size can depend on the dimensions of the unit, how much it weighs, and the cooling capacity, which also falls into the category of size determination of air conditioners.

It is important to note that split type air conditioners can come in one of two types, namely, ductless and ducted systems. The difference in having a ductless or ducted unit will also determine the difference in prices for installation.

Ductless systems are known to operate for about 30 percent more than the ducted systems, and almost two times as much as standalone window air conditioners, considering your energy bill will help for any budgeting for the long-term.

The location of your air conditioner will also be a factor when it comes to installation, this is especially true in the case that you are looking to install units in more than one room, as you will have to pay for the added indoor units for the extra rooms.

Why should you choose a split type unit for your home?

Split type air conditioning units have many advantages to them, making them some of the best options for cooling your home environment and allowing you to cool more rooms.

Split type air conditioners have models with higher cooling capacities, making it easy for them to cool down bigger spaces. They do not take up any room on the floor, as they are mounted up on the wall or ceiling.

They are usually quiet operating units that you can run even throughout the night, as they will not disrupt you while you are sleeping.

These units are considered to be visually appealing and elegant, with the versatility to coordinate with the aesthetics of any room in your home.

Split type air conditioning units are generally more cost-effective. You will be able to save money on your electricity bill, as well as limit your carbon footprint as most units are now environmentally friendly.

Split type units also help to decrease the number of allergens that can accumulate in your home, by working to purify the air around the home.

They also offer the convenience of more control options with some models coming with climate control features, which make it easier to control the room’s temperature as well as other technological advancements that make it easy to run your unit at the touch of a button.

Split type air conditioners will usually not cost you additionally for installation, as some brands offer free installation. The pricing of split units can also determine if installation is free, but factors such as location will cost you.

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