How to clean a split type air conditioner in the Philippines

How you go about cleaning a split type air conditioner in the Philippines, the two methods for you to do this, and where to find these units.

With the Philippines being one of the hottest tropical places in the world, an air conditioner is without a doubt something most households have. Should you have a split type air conditioner for your home, then you will know that ensuring that you clean it ensures that it functions well, without any problems for your appliance and for your benefit.

When the maintenance and cleaning process is neglected, it could result in unnecessary damage that will cost you to fix it. Knowing how a split type aircon is cleaned using the two methods of cleaning, which involves cleaning the filters and cleaning the outdoor unit of your split type air conditioner, will help.

How are split type air conditioner filters cleaned in the Philippines?

There are two ways to clean a split type air conditioner, and one of them involves cleaning only the filter of the unit, which requires certain steps to be followed. You would first need to make sure that your split type unit is switched off, and this is for both the indoor and outdoor units.

You would then need to cover your indoor unit with a cleaning bag, which will serve to attract any debris, dirt or water that could potentially find its way into your home.

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The next step would require you to open the front panel of your air conditioning unit, in order to remove the air filters.

To clean them you will need to use a vacuum machine or even a brush to firstly get rid of the chunks of dirt that might have gathered. This step is then followed by rinsing the filters in water and waiting for them to dry properly before putting them back into the unit.

The next step would be to clean the condenser coils of the split unit using the coils cleaner that you have, and just allow the cleaner to sit for up to 20 minutes.

Now, because your unit might have developed some bacteria, it will be best disinfect your unit with some antifungal cleaner to stop any mould from developing on your freshly washed coils or in the back of your air conditioning unit.

Squirt the antifungal cleaner all over your condenser coils and any other component of your air conditioner that might developed some mould at some point. When you are done spraying, allow for the cleaner to get dry on the coils for about five minutes.

Reassemble your dry filters by placing them back into the unit, place the front panel back on and switch on your unit to test that all is working.

How is the outdoor split type unit cleaned?

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When it comes to cleaning the outdoor split type unit of your air conditioner, you will first need to turn off the power of your unit completely in order to commence with cleaning. You will need a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to be able to clean the condenser fins of your outdoor condenser unit.

You will then need to straighten the metal fins using a fin comb or any other tools suitable to do the job. When straightening the condenser fins, you must be careful to keep the same distance between the fins.

The next step is to detach the inner fan and clean it, and then allow it to dry sufficiently. Rinsing off the aluminium fins would be the next step, and this is to be done with water. When your condenser fins are clean, this ensures that your air conditioner is functioning efficiently and delivering the best cooling.

When all the components are clean, make sure that they are all thoroughly dry before reassembling them and putting your unit back together. Once you are done, check that everything in your unit is working properly.

Hisense Split Type Inverter Air Conditioner

Where to shop split type air conditioners

Hisense Split Type Inverter Air Conditioner

Split type air conditioners can be found online at Lazada.

The Hisense 2.0HP AS-18TR2S Split Type Inverter Air Conditioner is one of the options available for ₱37,795.00, offering inverter technology and a 6 367 to 20 748 kJ/h cooling capacity.

Hisense Split Type Airconditioner

Gree Inverter Wall Mounted Split Type Air Conditioner

The Gree U-W12-3DR-I/U-W12-3DRO 1.5 HP Inverter Wall Mounted Split Type Air Conditioner, available for ₱31,187.00, would be another choice, also with inverter technology, which will help to save on energy consumption and also offering an eco-friendly refrigerant, 3D air flow and a turbo function.

So, noting the two ways in which to clean a split type air conditioner will ensure that you have a unit that is fully operating at its best to meet all your cooling needs.

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