How to clean a window type aircon in the Philippines

The steps you need follow to ensure that you are cleaning your window type air conditioner properly in the Philippines, and why your unit needs to be cleaned.

You have purchased or might already own a window type air conditioner (AC) in the Philippines, given how hot the weather conditions can get. However, with the need for regular maintenance and cleaning, you might be looking into your options when it comes to cleaning it.

With many air conditioners on the market and the specialised features they come with, such as the advanced self-cleaning modes, it may not be a good idea to rely solely on the self-cleaning. It is advised that you also look into having your unit cleaned thoroughly, along with all the components.

How to clean a window type air conditioner in the Philippines

When it comes to cleaning your window type air conditioner, you could be looking at two options to go about this. The one way would be to clean your unit without having to remove the window type aircon from the wall, and the other would be opting to clean it by removing it completely form the wall.

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There are certain specific steps to ensure you follow if you decide on doing either. Should you want to clean your window type aircon without having it removed, you would need to ensure that the unit is turned off and unplugged from the wall socket.

You would then have to carefully take off the front grille. If you happen to have a remote-controlled unit, detaching the wiring of the connector will need to be done. The next step would be to take out the air filter of the unit and clean it, following the steps of cleaning the filter.

Clean off any dust that has collected on the air conditioner’s fin, and for this step, you can use a vacuum cleaner or even a toothbrush that you do not use anymore. Remember to wear dust protective gear.

To clean the front grille just use a wet cloth. Once all components are dry, assemble them back into the unit, plug it in and make sure that everything is working as it should.

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If you choose to remove your unit from the wall completely, you will need to clean the unit using a garden hose. Doing this will require that you switch off and unplug your unit form the wall socket, and carefully take off your unit from the wall.

You would then have to take the front grille out, as well as the air filter. An important step is to wrap the thermostat of the unit with a plastic bag to ensure that it is sealed, and should the fins be crooked, make sure to straighten them.

The importance of cleaning your window AC unit

Cleaning your window type AC unit can help you to avoid a range of things and complications. These can include health-related issues for you and complications that may arise from your air conditioner.

If a window type unit is not cleaned properly, you might start to get some allergic reactions and symptoms from all the dust and mould in the air. When dust and mould are continuously inhaled, it could lead to sneezing, coughing and a runny nose.

When an air conditioner has not been cleaned for long enough, mould will begin to form in your unit from dust building up and humidity, which will result in bad odours and allergic reactions.

Dirt build-up will also lead to your air conditioner using up more power, thus resulting in higher energy bills and eventually leading to your unit failing and breaking completely.

Coocaa AW15l-1

Where can you shop window type air conditioners?

Coocaa Inverter Air Purify Window Type air conditioner

In the Philippines, shopping for window type air conditioners is not a hassle.

You can find a variety of window type units online on Lazada, like the Coocaa AW15l-1 Inverter Air Purify Window Type air conditioner, available for ₱22,490.00.

It comes with an air purifying feature and inverter technology that can help you save on energy with the controlled compressor.


TCL Window Type Manual air conditioner

Another option would be the TCL 0.6HP Window Type Manual TAC06CWM/F air conditioner, which is available for 8 995 Philippine Peso. It offers fast cooling, a two-direction air vent design, and an easy to clean filter mesh.

So, ensuring to clean your window type aircon in the Philippines will guarantee that it will function at its optimum and not lead to a system failure.

It is wise, however, to ensure that you know exactly what to do when cleaning it to avoid any damages.

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