Here’s how you can save electricity using aircon in the Philippines

According to the Department of Energy, the peak demand for electricity in the Philippines is from March, April, and May. Air conditioner, Refrigerator, and Electric fans are the #1 cause of the surge in electricity bill.

Philippine energy consumption is at its highest from 11 am to 2 pm. The earliest hour of the day with the highest demand is 10 am. According to the Department of Energy, this is due to the high temperatures in the country, which makes Filipinos prefer to keep their air conditioners on.

How you can save electricity using aircon in the Philippines?

Managing and optimizing your air conditioner is the top priority during these peak seasons. So here’s how you can save electricity using aircon in the Philippines:

  • Clean the Aircon Filter Regularly
  • Switch off Other Energy Generating Appliances When AC is On
  • Properly Sealed Rooms Makes a Difference
  • Use the Correct AC Unit
  • Keep Your AC Clean All the Time
  • Don’t Put Your AC Unit on Direct Sunlight or Add Some Shade on It
  • Use the Minimum Cooling Setting
  • Limit AC Consumption
  • If Possible, Use an Electric Fan
  • Switch off Other Energy Generating Appliances When AC is On

Clean the aircon filter regularly

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Air conditioner filters are one of the most important components of a cooling and heating system. They remove dust, pollen, and other airborne pollutants from the air to help keep your family healthy.

In fact, it’s estimated that cleaning your air conditioner filter could reduce your chances of getting sick by up to 70 percent. It’s also important to note that dirty filters could be causing your air conditioner to work harder than it should, which causes it to use more energy and could reduce the unit’s lifespan.

Dusty aircon filters reduce aircon efficiency thus adding more to your electricity bill.

Cleaning your aircon filter regularly will generate colder airflow that can lower your unit’s energy consumption by 5% to 15%.

Aircon filter cleaning is very easy to do. Aircon manufacturers encourage unit owners to clean the aircon filter regularly, it is also included in the owner’s manual inside the box.

Switch off other energy generating appliances when AC is on

Most Filipino households have an electric fan to keep them cool during the hot summer months.

While it is a great help to counter the heat, you have to be careful not to use it alongside other energy-generating appliances.

There are several reasons why you need to switch off your appliances when the aircon is on.

Main Reasons:

    1. Your fridge and electric fan can double the load on your aircon, which results in higher energy costs.
    2. When the aircon is on, it performs better if there are no other energy-generating appliances in the house.
    3. Keeping your compressor running for extended periods can wear it out faster.

Consider turning off the TV and the other appliances when no one is using them. This may sound a cliche but turning off and unplugging appliances really help you save on your electricity bill while running your AC unit.

A good list of energy-generating appliances that we often overlook are laptops, computers, gaming consoles, phone chargers, smart TV, clothes iron, microwave, lights, etc.

Properly sealed rooms make a difference

If your room is full of holes and window gaps, then your ac is performing harder than it needs to. Imagine a boat with many holes floating in the ocean. The boat will sink, right? And you need to get the water out of the boat before it’s too late.

That is the same thing happening in your AC unit when your room is not sealed properly. Adding some insulation will also help to retain the coldness and reduce the heat generated inside the room.

Use the correct AC unit

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Using the correct AC size is very important, especially when you’re still in the buying phase. You don’t want to use a 2 HP ac unit if you have a small room. That unnecessary cooling will generate more energy than keeps adding to your electricity bill.

Keep your AC clean all the time

The dust and mold build-ups are always bad in every air conditioner. Not only is it harmful to your health, but it also blocks the air vents causing the ac unit to work inefficiently.

To keep your AC all the time, you can clean your unit by yourself or just hire an aircon cleaning professional (read our article about the average cost of aircon cleaning professionals in your area).

Don’t put your AC unit on direct sunlight or add some shade on it

There are two main reasons why you shouldn’t place your AC unit under direct sunlight (if possible):

    1. The UV ray is bad for outer ac components like plastic, washers, rubber gaskets, and hoses.
    2. Instead of cool air, warmer air gets through the radiator resulting inefficient cooling.

Direct sunlight shortens the lifespan of such components and may require you to change those parts every few years. While the inefficient cooling makes your ac unit work longer to achieve the desired room temperature resulting in higher electricity bills.

Adding a little bit of shade can make a difference. That’s why you need to really factor in where you should place your AC before buying one.

Use the minimum cooling setting

This may sound absurd but the minimum cooling setting is different from the lowest setting. Let’s say your AC unit has thermostat numbers from 1 to 10.

Most of the time, the minimum cooling setting is # 6, and setting your AC to # 6 is what we meant. This strategy is to keep your AC from working too hard just to reach your desired number.

The most ideal thing is using the minimum cooling setting + running your electric fan. The logic behind this process is to push down the cold air so everyone in the room can feel colder than normal.

Limit AC consumption

I know it is hard to limit your AC consumption especially in the middle of the Philippine summer where we can get up to 40 degrees celsius.

But if you’re really serious about cutting down your electricity bill, then setting your unit’s usage time is a must. I won’t advise you to turn off your ac unit in the middle of the day, but you can consider turning it off at 4 or 5 pm until you’re about to sleep. Then turn it on again (and set a timer so it will turn off again at 3 am in the morning) when you’re about to sleep.

This strategy can save you some electricity bills.

If possible, use an electric fan

I get it, it is hard and very uncomfortable. But your goal is to shave off some electricity bill right? This is why I put this advice at the very end so you can consider it last.

In reality, fans are way cheaper to run than an air conditioning unit. Most Filipinos do not have access to an AC so they have to deal with electric fans as their primary source of cooling equipment.

Unless you live on the top floor without a ceiling of your home, then you can live by just using an electric fan.

Does an inverter aircon really save electricity?

Yes, an inverter aircon can save electricity bills in the long run. Why? Because inverter air conditioners use less compressor power when it reaches your desired temperature. This technology lets the compressor run at a lower speed resulting in lower energy consumption and lower electricity bills.

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