The best way to air condition a two-story house

Does an AC cool or heat up our bodies?

Humans are warm-blooded animals that have a normal body temperature of 98 degree Fahrenheit or equivalent to 36.67 degree Celsius. Our body generates heat because it is converting food into energy and when we have too much temperature,, our body will cooldown by producing sweat to maintain its temperature. On the other hand, AC cools …

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What is Eco mode in a Midea air conditioner?

Best window type aircon Philippines

While most Filipinos still use electric fans or ceiling fans in their homes, there is many cheap but reliable window type aircon in the Philippines available today. The tropical and maritime climate in the Philippines combined with limited room space has made the Filipinos look for the best window type aircon in the Philippine market. According to PAGASA, January is …

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5 easy steps on how to clean the filter of your window type aircon

Dirty aircon filters can increase your electricity bills due to blockage of dust and dirt making your ac run inefficiently. How to clean your aicon air filter? Cleaning the filter of your air conditioner regularly is easy. If you’re unsure how to clean your aircon air filter, here’s how: Make sure to turn off and …

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How to dispose of a window air conditioner

Aircon vs Electric Fan consumption Philippines

There’s no doubt, using an electric fan can save you a lot of money from your monthly electricity bills. But how much of the difference is there between aircon vs electric fan in terms of electricity consumption in the Philippines? – A stand fan running for 10 hours a day will add 171.45 PHP per …

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How do you seal a vertical window air conditioner?

How much electricity does an aircon use Philippines?

Air conditioner KWh consumption depends on your AC’s horsepower (HP). Additionally, factors like AC size, EER, size of your room, AC unit’s condition, and type of AC unit that you are using affect the overall power consumption. How to calculate aircon consumption Philippines? To compute how much electricity your aircon is using per month, simply …

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How can I save money on my AC in the summer?

Here’s how you can save electricity using aircon in the Philippines

According to the Department of Energy, the peak demand for electricity in the Philippines is from March, April, and May. Air conditioner, Refrigerator, and Electric fans are the #1 cause of the surge in electricity bill. Philippine energy consumption is at its highest from 11 am to 2 pm. The earliest hour of the day …

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How to get the musty smell out of a portable air conditioner

Aircon cleaning cost: how much is the aircon cleaning in the Philippines?

Aircon cleaning can be tricky if you do it by yourself. You’re afraid that something might break or get wet within the cleaning process. Luckily, there are many aircon cleaning professionals within the Philippines that you can ask for help. How much is the aircon cleaning in the Philippines? Whether you don’t have time or …

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How to clean window type aircon in the Philippines?

There’s no denying, we live in the Philippines which happened to be a tropical country so having an AC is a must. And assuming that you already have one, your next problem is how to clean it right? When was the last time you cleaned your window type aircon? Can’t remember? It is totally fine! …

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