Why you should buy an airconditioner in the Philippines?

Whether you’re living in a tropical country like the Philippines or if you simply like your home to be cool in the hot summer, an air conditioner can be a terrific way to make your home cooler.

In addition to making your home more comfortable, they can also reduce your energy bills, as well as improve your health by lowering humidity. But air conditioners require regular maintenance, and in the Philippines, where A/Cs are a bit of a luxury, they can be a serious financial burden.

Different type of air conditioners in the Philippines

The Philippines is known for hot, humid weather, so the demand for air conditioning is huge. Air conditioners can be broken down into two types: split type, window type and central.

Window type air conditioners sit in your window, usually providing cool air, while central air conditioning comes from a centralized location in your home, and can provide hot or cool air.

Central air conditioner

Central air conditioners are generally more efficient, since they don’t have a window for the heat to escape from, but are less flexible because you can’t move them to a room that needs cooling at the moment.

Window type air conditioner

Window air conditioners are lighter and cheaper, but they are less efficient since they are connecting to multiple windows, and can only cool one room.

Although you can’t move them as easily, window air conditioners can be very effective if you have the right one for your needs.

Split type air conditioner

Most people prefer the split-type air conditioners because they are quieter and more powerful than the window or wall air conditioners. They can also cool a room faster than the other two.

The country also has a large number of appliance stores, so you can buy all sorts of air conditioners to see which one will work best for you. That still leaves a lot of questions unanswered, though. Which air conditioner type is the most efficient? How much room do you need to install an air conditioner? How much should it cost? And how should you install it? You can read our blog for more information on air conditioners and how to get the best deal for your home.

Which air conditioner type is the most efficient?

The most common air conditioner types used by Filipinos are split-type and window or wall air conditioners.

Most people prefer the split-type air conditioners because they are quieter and more powerful than the window or wall air conditioners. They can also cool a room faster than the other two. On the other hand, window or wall air conditioners are easy to install. They are also popular because they are cheaper than split-type air conditioners.

Window air conditioners are the most popular air conditioner type in the Philippines, and the majority of our reviews focus on these.

If you live in an apartment or condo, you can install a window air conditioner yourself, provided you have the right tools and a neat way to route the air conditioner hose out of your window.

Central air conditioners are harder to install, and are a good option if you want a state-of-the-art air conditioning system installed in your home.

How much room do you need to install an air conditioner?

When you buy an air conditioner unit, you will need a certain amount of space to install it. If you are looking to buy an air conditioner, make sure you take into account the size of the room or rooms you are planning to cool.

The needs of an air conditioner are different from those of a room fan, and they must be taken into account before buying one.

The window unit is often the first one to be considered when you are looking to buy an Air Conditioner unit.

Since they are cheaper, it is easier to find one that will fit your budget.

These units are designed to be installed in your window. They can be used to cool one room or an entire house.

The amount of room you need to install the air conditioner depends on the window units. If it is a single unit, then it might be used to cool one room.

On the other hand, a multi-unit system can cool a large room or even an entire house.

How much should an air conditioner cost?

The weather is turning warm again (at least in the Philippines) and there is a good chance that many of you out there might be looking for ways to cool your homes (and most likely your offices) without breaking the bank.

Finding the right air conditioner for your home can be a daunting task, especially since there are so many models in the market right now.

To help you get a clearer picture of how much your next air conditioner should ideally cost, this post provides a list of air conditioners that are available in the Philippines right now

No matter what, it’s always good to know how much an air conditioner should cost before you enter any store. In addition, we have a separate blog post where you will learn more about air conditioners and how to choose the best window type air conditioner.

How do you install your new air conditioner?

As with most things, there is a right way to do it and a wrong way to do it.

The right way

The wrong way

The right way to install your air conditioner is to use a licensed professional air conditioner installer. The wrong way to install your air conditioner is to do it yourself. Not only do you risk damaging your home, but you also risk damaging your air conditioner, which may void your warranty.

Installing an air conditioner is no easy task, however, if you’re confident in your abilities, then you can choose to do the installation yourself.

The installation process of window type air conditioner can be broken down into five steps:

  1. Prepare the air conditioner for installation
  2. Set up the window
  3. Mount the air conditioner
  4. Connect the ducts and temperature control
  5. Connect the electric cable.

Brands of air conditioners

Air conditioner brands are an important factor to consider when looking to purchase an air conditioner. Air conditioners are labeled and sold by different brands.

For example, the Carrier is a popular brand of air conditioner in the Philippines. Air conditioner brands, such as Carrier, can also be manufactured under different brand names.

It is important to know that the construction of each brand is different. So, when it comes to purchasing a new air conditioner, knowing about the different air conditioner brands can go a long way.

Knowing the different air conditioners in the market can be complicated, with the many brands and model names out there. We’ve compiled a list of some of the more popular brands available along with their model names and features to help you decide which brand is right for you.

Where you can buy air conditioners in the Philippines?

There are many places where you can buy air conditioners in the Philippines, including the three big department stores, hardware stores, and appliance stores.

  • The Philippines’ three biggest department stores are:
    • SM
    • Robinson’s
    • Rustan’s
  • You can find air conditioners in the appliance section of these department stores.
  • Hardware stores, which sell tools and building materials, also sell air conditioners, although the selection is usually limited
  • Smaller appliance stores also sell air conditioners like:
    • Abensons
    • Ansons
  • Online stores like:


You have read the rest of the blog, now it is time to go over the conclusion. We hope that you found your answer on why you should buy an air conditioner in the Philippines? Air conditioners are an important part of Filipino life. Amid the sweltering summer heat, an A/C unit is like a breath of fresh air.

But with so many models to choose from, how can you find the best option for your home?

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