Aircon Outlet Computation Philippines

aircon outlet computation

AC load calculation is the process of calculating the amount of power that your air conditioner will consume. You have to take into account the electrical load of your unit for two reasons – to know the capacity of the circuit that you will need and to know the cost of the electricity that it … Read more

Circuit Breaker for 1 HP – 2.5 HP Air Conditioner

group of air conditioner circuit breakers

The aircon breaker is the main safety switch for your air conditioner. If the breaker should trip, this means the air conditioner is drawing too much current and it may be damaged. In the last few years, people have been moving to more energy-efficient air conditioners, but many have forgotten something, if you don’t install … Read more

How Many Watts Does 5,000 – 18,000 BTU Air Conditioner Use? (Calculator & Table Below)

Not everyone can understand BTU and they just want to know the energy consumption of their air conditioner. This leads to the question, how many watts does an air conditioner use? Well, it depends on the unit that you want to purchase. While it is not important to know all about BTU, still, here’s a … Read more