A5 code on Frigidaire air conditioner

If your Frigidaire air conditioner is displaying an A5 error code or an AS error code, this means that there is an issue with its temperature sensor.

Temperature sensors are a vital part of how an air conditioning unit determines the temperature of the air in your room.

If your Frigidaire air conditioner is displaying an A5 error code, this signifies that there is an error with the temperature sensor that needs to be fixed. You can also replace the sensor if necessary.

What does an air conditioner’s temperature sensor do?

The point of running your air conditioner is so that your space can eventually cool down to the temperature that you have selected and set it to.

However, some spaces are large and busy, and this may affect how long it takes for the room’s temperature to drop to the set, desired level.

As a result, air conditioner manufacturers include temperature sensors in their units. These temperature sensors take the temperature of the incoming hot air as it moves over the evaporator coils.

When this air reaches your set temperature, the sensor is triggered, and your air conditioner will know that it no longer needs to actively cool down the air in the space.

A5 code on Frigidaire air conditioner

If your Frigidaire air conditioner displays an “A5” or “AS” error code on its display unit, and it will not allow you to switch the unit on, this is because there is some kind of issue with your unit’s temperature sensor.

Air conditioners are made up of a lot of components and over time, some of these components may get damaged or encounter some or another kind of issue.

Fortunately, a sensor issue is quite common, and it is usually caused by the temperature sensor being damaged or dislodged somehow. If this is the case, you will be able to reconnect the wiring and place the sensor back into place.

Other times, the sensor may have frozen over and this could be what is causing the issue. You need to let your unit thaw before you can use it again, but the unit should start working again after it has dried.

In either case, you need to reset the unit after you have fixed the issue with the temperature sensor, but this is a fairly simple process and should not take too long.

If defrosting or reconnecting and resetting your Frigidaire air conditioner did not fix the problem, you may need to consider replacing the sensor entirely.

In most cases, the most complicated part of fixing the A5 error code is finding the temperature sensor to begin with.

The temperature sensors are located near the evaporator coils and you need to make sure that the unit is turned off and unplugged before you remove any panel to get to the coils.

How to defrost your Frigidaire air conditioner to fix the temperature sensor

The temperature sensor will not work if your unit has started freezing. You do not have to be concerned though, air conditioners freezing, especially window air conditioners freezing, is quite common and fairly simple to solve.

The best thing to do is to turn your air conditioner off and let it thaw naturally, while using a sponge, bowl, and spare towels to soak up any of the melting ice to avoid damage to your floors and furniture.

You can also put the air conditioner in “Fan” mode to speed up the process. After the unit has thawed and dried completely, you can reset it and switch it back on, and the A5 error code should be cleared.

How to reset your Frigidaire air conditioner to clear the A5-error

In order to reset your Frigidaire air conditioner, you should simply be able to press and hold the “Reset” or “Shut Off” button for at least 60 seconds. These buttons should be on the plug of the power cord.

Alternatively, you can also switch off the breaker of your air conditioner and leave it off for a few minutes before switching it back on or just unplugging the unit for a few minutes before switching it back on. This should clear any error codes that have been fixed in the meanwhile.

What to do if you need to replace your temperature sensor

If the A5 error does not clear from your Frigidaire air conditioner after you have reconnected or defrosted your temperature sensor, the issue may be more serious.

Fortunately, you can purchase replacement temperature sensors if your air conditioner is no longer under warranty and replace the broken sensor easily if necessary.

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It is best to consult a professional before making any permanent changes to your Frigidaire air conditioner.

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