AeonAir portable air conditioner blinking red light: What to do

You need to pay special attention to a portable air conditioner, especially when it accumulates water in the internal tank and needs to be emptied.

A portable air conditioner can be convenient for its portability and mobility. They can also, however, be quite demanding in that you constantly have to check that nothing is affecting their functionality that is not being attended to urgently.

If you have the AeonAir portable air conditioner, always pay attention to the unit and what it tells you to do to keep it functioning optimally. So, if a red light is blinking on the unit, you need to find out what this is an indication of and what you need to do to fix it.

Knowing when your air conditioner requires urgent attention

A huge innovative advantage that newer, more modern air conditioners have is the ability to communicate with users. Air conditioners can let you know when something is not functioning as it should, which will most probably require urgent attention.

This is where the LED lights come in handy on some units. Blinking lights can indicate that “the unit is On” or that something could potentially be wrong inside the unit.

AeonAir portable air conditioner blinking red light: What to do

In the case of your AeonAir portable air conditioner and others like it, when the LED light is blinking red, it means that the unit’s condensate water tank has accumulated too much water and this water needs to be drained.

When this happens, the unit will switch off with the light blinking and if you attempt to switch the unit back on, it will not turn on until all the water has been drained from the internal tank.

It is important that you know how to drain your tank so that you can use the unit again. Since portable air conditioners dehumidify the air in a room, in places with lots of humidity, the water tanks fill up more quickly when the unit is cooling a room.

This is why it is critical to monitor and note the conditions of the room to anticipate whether or not the humidity is so high that the tank will fill up quite rapidly.

How do you drain the water tank?

The back of your portable air conditioner has a water outlet drain located at the bottom of it. To empty the water tank, you need a pan or container that the water can drain into.

You must place this pan under the water outlet drain.  Next, unscrew the drain cover, remove the soft rubber stopper, and allow the water to drain out into the container or pan.

When it stops, simply replace the soft rubber stopper, and tighten the drain cover properly so that no excess fluid will drip on the floor. Remove the pan or container and empty it into a sink.

Do not attempt to move the unit when the light is blinking

When the LED light is blinking, it is important not to attempt to move the unit to another room or at all as the condensate water tank is full.

If the unit is moved around while the blinking red light is on, the liquid will almost certainly overflow and spill out into the unit which is not good for the internal components of your unit as well as for your floors.

Can you use the unit immediately after draining it?

After you have drained the water tank and replaced all parts, you have to operate the portable air conditioner in “Fan mode” for a while.

This is to give the interior of the unit some time to dry up from the excess moisture that may have accumulated with the full water tank. Once you have given the unit some time to dry in Fan mode, it can be turned back on to cool.

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