Air conditioner Dry Mode explained

The Dry Mode on your air conditioner makes your space more comfortable by focusing on reducing the humidity in the space.

Modern air conditioners do not only cool your space, but they often have an array of added features which can make life more comfortable.

One of these features is the “Dry Mode”. The Dry Mode on an air conditioner acts almost like a dehumidifier would to remove excess humidity from your air and it can be quite useful.

Air conditioner modes and features

Air conditioners have always made life more comfortable and modern air conditioner models often have a host of special features and different modes. These are aimed at making them even easier, and more convenient to use.

These features also often allow you to customize and automate how and when you would like your space to be cooled. This can ensure that your space is always exactly as cool and comfortable as you want it to be.

Air conditioner Dry Mode explained

It can be easy to see all of the additional features and modes that are included with a new air conditioner as simple, nice-to-have add-ons, but they can actually be very useful.

This is why it is always important to understand all of the different things that your air conditioner can do (besides cooling down the space to your desired temperature) and how to use the settings optimally.

Dry Mode is a function that is usually limited to ducted and mini-split systems (although some of the newer portable and window models now also have this feature). As a result, though, it is often misunderstood.

High temperatures are not the only thing that can make a space feel uncomfortable. Often times, high humidity levels are just as much to blame for that sweltering feeling.

This is why the Dry Mode on air conditioners can be such a life-saver on days when your room feels uncomfortable, but it is not so hot outside.

The Dry Mode on air conditioners functions similarly to a dedicated dehumidifier, and works mostly to reduce humidity levels within the space.

In most cases, this means that your air conditioner will use its fan to circulate the air in the room over its cold coils.

As the hot air passes over these oils, it will release some of its excess moisture, which will ultimately pool around the coils and be drained away.

In the end, your room will feel cooler and more comfortable, not necessarily because the temperature has lowered, but because the humidity levels have.

The difference between Dry Mode and Cool Mode

“Cool Mode” is usually the default mode in which most people operate their air conditioners.

When your air conditioner is running in Cool Mode, the machine will actively be working to cool the air in the room, and this may even reduce the ambient temperature by a few degrees.

On the other hand, if your air conditioner is running in Dry Mode, the machine will only remove moisture from the air, but it will not be working actively to cool down the room.

The drop in humidity levels may have a somewhat cooling effect, but this will not have too much of an impact on the actual ambient temperature of the space.

When to operate your air conditioner in Dry Mode

Dry Mode may not actually help you cool down your air, but this operational mode can still be quite useful.

Especially around the change of seasons when temperatures may not be as high, but the humidity may increase, because of rainy weather.

The best way to know when it is time to switch your air conditioner to Dry Mode (and off of it), is to monitor your indoor humidity levels with a hygrometer like the ThermoPro TP60.

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This way, you will know exactly when the humidity levels rise above a comfortable level, and you will be able to counteract this with the Dry Mode.

The benefits of using the Dry Mode on your air conditioner

If a decrease in the humidity level of your space is not enough to convince you to try out the Dry Mode on your air conditioner, there are a few other benefits that you should consider, such as:

  • Dry Mode can create a more comfortable and healthier environment. Dryer air can reduce the fatigue and clamminess that you get from extremely humid air, but it can also prevent the growth of mold and other bacteria within your home.
  • Dry Mode is more energy efficient. The compressor runs at a lower speed when your air conditioner is in Dry Mode, which can decrease the unit’s overall energy consumption.

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