Air conditioners that do not require electricity

While air conditioners can be heavy energy consumers, units that do not require electricity can help users save on the costs of running cooling systems in their homes.

Air conditioners provide cooling, heating, and other functions to maintain consistent indoor temperatures by increasing or reducing them while getting rid of the humidity that may be in the air.

This allows more efficient operation from the AC unit in whichever mode is necessary at the time. In order to enjoy the benefits of an air conditioner in your home, the unit needs to be powered up by an electrical source to operate.

Air conditioners can use a lot of energy to operate, so some consumers may wonder whether there are any air conditioners that do not use electricity.

Air conditioners and electricity

Unfortunately, along with the benefit of having a cooling system in your home comes the financial burden of running the system when you need it.

Air conditioners tend to consume a lot of electricity, and this is why some people may be hesitant to get a unit for their homes.

Fortunately, with the constant dynamic advancements in technology and the way modern air conditioners work, this is becoming less of a concern as more energy-efficient units are being produced to help ease the burden of electricity costs that come from using air conditioners.

Air conditioners that do not require electricity

It is extremely convenient to have a home air conditioner that does not require electricity to work, as this can save you money while you enjoy the benefits of cooling.

It is also a good benefit to have an air conditioner you can take with you anywhere you go and that you can use without the concern that there may not be an electrical outlet to power the unit up.

Fortunately for those who want a cooling system like that, they do exist. These units do not require electricity in order to run, instead, they are battery-powered and still provide you with cooling, even on the go.

These units will need to be charged to be enjoyed, for as long as they can last, and this requires a fully charged battery.

There are only two types of these units that are considered as true battery-powered and completely portable units, namely the Zero Breeze Mark 2 portable air conditioner and the EENOUR portable air conditioner.

These are considered “true” air conditioners since they use refrigerant just like all other regular air conditioning systems that use electricity do.

Air conditioners that do not require electricity How to add an AC to a tent
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The other type of battery-powered air coolers would not necessarily be described as air conditioners, but rather as coolers (evaporative or swamp coolers).

They do not make use of refrigerant in their cooling cycle, but they do cool in other ways and they are also portable.

The EENOUR portable air conditioner

This EENOUR portable unit does not require electricity, but it does require that you have a power bank so that you can power it up.

This air conditioner comes with its AC adapter and power cable, and it has features such as a built-in Panasonic twin cylinder compressor with a cooling mode, 3 fan speeds, as well as a sleeping mode, meaning you can enjoy peaceful sleep while the cools.

This true air conditioner uses R134 refrigerant that is commonly used in cars and trucks. The unit is relatively quiet, operating at noise levels of 44 to 64 decibels.

How to add an AC to a tent
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The HIFRESH evaporative cooler

The HIFRESH evaporative cooler has a 4000 milliampere hour (mAh) built-in battery that is capable of lasting up to one hour with a tank that can hold up to 1 gallon of water or ice.

The portable cooler can be charged by 5V/2A adaptors or the USB-C capable that comes with the unit when you purchase it.

Unlike the EENOUR or the ZeroBreeze air conditioners, the HIFRESH unit is designed for more “up close and personal” use, such as on a desk or beside a bed or couch.

The unit does not make use of refrigerant to cool, but uses water or ice instead, for additional cooling.

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Socool fan portable cooler

The Socool fan cooler has a 5 000 mAh rechargeable battery that can last for up to nine hours. This cooler does not make use of refrigerant to cool the air, but uses a water or ice tank of up to 700 ml of water to cool the air.

It is also a more up close and personal cooler with 3 adjustable airflow and cooling level settings. The portable unit is a small, light, and smart-looking device that can oscillate at 120 degrees to cover larger areas.

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