Amana air conditioner will not turn on

If your Amana air conditioner will not turn on, this is likely caused by a problem with the power supply, dirty components, or even the incorrect settings.

Amana air conditioners tend to be very good because they are made the same way that Goodman and Daikin air conditioners are made.

However, if your Amana air conditioner is not turning on, this is definitely an issue, which could be caused by a lack of power, a dirty unit, or incorrect settings.

Does Amana make good air conditioners?

Amana has been manufacturing refrigerators, walk-in coolers, and other appliances since 1934. Since then, Amana has remained one of the top HVAC and air conditioner manufacturer brands on the market.

Amana is owned by the same company that owns the Goodman air conditioner brand, called Daikin Industries Ltd.

This means that many of the Amana branded air conditioners are manufactured in the same way that the other Daikin and Goodman air conditioners are, and since this means that the company only has to develop a few products, the design features are usually well thought-out and durable.

Amana air conditioner will not turn on

Although this brand is known for its innovative technologies, like the ComfortBridge technology, the Copeland CoreSense diagnostics, the CoolCloud application, and the ComfortNet communications System, these technologies do not make Amana air conditioners indestructible.

If you have found this out the hard way and are stuck with an Amana air conditioner that just does not want to turn on, you do not have to panic.

There are various common causes to this problem and a way to fix them, as is explained in the table below:

Reason why the Amana air conditioner will not turn on How to fix this problem
The compressor and circuit breakers are not switched on Switch the circuit breaker on or the compressor switch on
The unit is dirty or has blocked airflow Clean the filters, condensate pan, and drains, and the outdoor unit if necessary
The air conditioner is on the incorrect setting Try a variety of settings to find the one that is right for your space

All of these issues are easy to investigate and fix by yourself, but if you are uncomfortable doing this or your Amana air conditioner continues not to turn on, then you need to call a professional to help you.

Most Amana parts have a warranty of 10 years, which means that any serious problems with components should be covered by this warranty.

The compressor and circuit breakers are not switched on

It is often the case that the breaker switch tripped, and this is why your air conditioner will not turn on or display any lights or indications, because it has no power. In this case, you can just flip the breaker switch on again, and your Amana air conditioner should turn on as usual.

You can also ensure that the power switch to the compressor is turned on if you have an outdoor unit. When this switch is turned off, the outdoor compressor unit will not have any power and will not be able to switch on the compressor to move the refrigerant and cool down the coils.

The unit is dirty or has blocked airflow

Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to keeping your Amana air conditioner functioning like it should. If the airflow to your unit is blocked because of dirty or damaged air filters, this could cause your unit to freeze and then it will not turn on.

You can clean the pan underneath the evaporator coils, as well as the condensate drain line, while you are cleaning your filters.

In this case, you should use lukewarm water, a soft brush, and a diluted distilled white vinegar solution to get rid of any mould or mildew.

You can also use a vacuum if all of the dirt and debris on the filters, pan, and drain is dry.

The air conditioner is on the wrong setting

Your air conditioner may also be on the wrong setting and this is why it is not turning on to lower the temperature of your room.

To fix this, you can select the “Smart cool” option, then select “High fan” “Medium fan”, “Low fan” or the “Energy saver” mode to try and activate the air conditioner. The temperature can be set using the up and down arrows on the control panel.

If you suspect that the problem lies with the settings of your air conditioner, this may also be a good time to see whether your remote control is still working, and if not, you will need to replace the remote control or the batteries inside it.

Amana air conditioner will not turn on Amana air conditioner will not turn on
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