Are there any portable air conditioners that actually work?

For people who might be a bit sceptical about whether portable AC units actually work, there are plenty different types and models to choose from.

There is a range of different air conditioners people can find if they are looking for the right cooling system.  Units are installed in various ways with some being more complicated and others offering users more temporary solutions.

For people who are looking for a more temporary solution to their air conditioning needs, investing in a portable air conditioner may be your best option, but are there any portable air conditioners that actually deliver efficacious cooling for their spaces on unbearably hot days?

Portable air conditioners that actually work

There most certainly are air conditioners that work. These units are the best for those who would like to have air conditioning wherever they are in their home or space.

Permanent units are often installed in a specific room or area and you cannot move them around with you when you leave that room.

This makes  portable units quite convenient in that they are mobile and can cool any space that provides a place to vent the unit outside.

Are there any portable air conditioners that actually work?

If you are shopping for an air conditioner that actually works, Amazon has  some options for you to choose from.

Now, depending on the type of cooling you desire and the level of portability and mobility you prefer, you can find portable units that work best for your needs.

Portable air conditioners need to be installed in a way that they can vent properly and that usually involves the process of venting outdoors through an exhaust hose.

Typically the unit’s hose is installed in the window so that hot air can be vaporised to the outside for the unit to cool the air inside.

Wherever move this unit, there needs to be a way for it to be connected to another window or another adequate outlet where there are no air leaks.

An alternative to portable units is evaporative coolers or personal coolers. These units also work to cool spaces but not necessarily in the same way as a portable air conditioner cycling and they also do not use refrigerant.

An advantage with evaporative coolers is that they do not need to be vented outside and often use water or ice to emit cooler air into the room.

Portable ACs or evaporative coolers Description Amazon price
WhynterDual hose portable AC

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·   14 000 BTU (ASHRAE) 9 500 BTU (SACC).

·   Dual-hose operation.

·   Can cool rooms of up to 500 square feet.

Honeywell Classic portable AC

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·   Can cool rooms of up to 700 square feet.

·   14 000 BTU (ASHRAE) 9 000 BTU (SACC).

·   Auto-evaporation in cooling mode.

Laluztop portable evaporative cooler

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·   Windowless evaporative cooler is a combination of a regular fan, cooler, and humidifier.

·   Fast and efficient cooling.

·   Circulates water and airflow and comes with 4 ice packs.

Seeper evaporative cooler

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·   Portable, compact and energy-saving.

·   Cools using ice packs and removable water tank.

·   Mobile unit with 360 degree wheels.


Are portable units as portable as people claim they are?

This question is debatable as you may find that some people argue that portable units are not as portable as one may think, given that they can be quite heavy, so transferring them to another room is a heavy process.

The requirement to always have a venting window or outlet for units with hoses also makes for questionable portability.

That being said, if you are looking for something more portable than bigger units, an evaporative cooler offers you this .

Single and double/dual-hose portable units

Some portable air conditioners that vent  through an exhaust hose have a standard single exhaust hose, and others have two.

The one hose vents the hot air from the room to the outside, while the second takes air from the outside to blow over the condenser coil and cool the room.

This is another consideration to make if you are considering investing in a portable AC – whether a double hose is something you can deal with and what this means for the unit’s portability.

Portable units need to be drained

Some portable units also need to be drained as this is how they keep cooling the room. The units get rid of the warmth and humidity in the room and this moisture is collected in the condensate or water tanks of the unit.

You have to manually drain  them which involves emptying the tanks or draining them via the drainage outlets at the back of most units. Draining your units keeps it functioning efficiently and you should never let it overflow.

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