Armstrong vs Lennox air conditioners

When you compare Armstrong vs Lennox air conditioners, they will be similar, but Armstrong is more affordable and Lennox is more dependable and efficient.

Air conditioners do not just blow air around rooms. Air conditioners cool down the temperature of the room and extract moisture from the air.

When it comes to large whole-house air conditioners, Lennox and Armstrong are significantly similar, but they differ in terms of their features, materials, and prices.

The dual functionality of air conditioners

Air conditioning systems are a great way to escape scorching outside temperatures of summer and to make your space feel cool and comfortable all year round.

Air conditioners also come in a variety of sizes and types, which means that it is convenient to find one that is powerful enough and that fits into your space easily.

Air conditioners are much more effective than normal fans in cooling down a room because they physically remove excess heat and moisture from the air in the room and do not just move hot air around the way fans do.

This double cooling and dehumidifying function is referred to as the dual functionality of air conditioners.

Armstrong vs Lennox air conditioners

If you want to take this dual cooling and dehumidifying function to the next level, it may be worth your while to invest in a bigger central air conditioning system.

Armstrong Air and Lennox are two of the top manufacturers when it comes to these larger central air conditioning systems that are powerful enough to cool down an entire house or story of a building.

Comparing these two brands is interesting, because Lennox owns Armstrong Air, and this makes the manufacturing processes of these two brands quite similar.

In general, the consensus amongst contractors is that Lennox air conditioners and Armstrong air conditioners are quite similar.

However, Armstrong air conditioning units are much more affordable than the Lennox units and Lennox air conditioning units have more advanced features and better materials than Armstrong ACs.

This means that although the manufacturing process and many of the parts of Lennox and Armstrong air conditioners are similar, the chances are that the materials used in Armstrong air conditioners are of a lower quality and may be slightly outdated in order to make these units less expensive to produce.

However, for the most part, the efficiency and dependability of Armstrong and Lennox units are virtually the same.

To truly understand how these two brands compare, it may be useful to compare two similar air conditioning units and their specifications, such as the Lennox XC21 and the Armstrong 4SCU16LS two-stage units.

The Lennox XC21’s features and specifications

The Lennox XC21 is one of the most efficient two-stage air conditioner models that the brand offers and it boasts the following notable features and specifications:

Feature or specification Lennox XC21
Energy efficiency Up to 21 SEER
Noise level Notoriously quiet, as Low As 69 dB
Customer rating 4.6 out of 5 from 1028 customer reviews
Life expectancy 10 to 12 years
Price More expensive

This model is an Ultimate Comfort System Product, which means that it is specifically designed to form part of a whole-home appliance system that keeps you cool and comfortable.

The unit also features Precise Comfort Design, which enables the air conditioner to adjust the room temperature in small increments to make the space as cool and comfortable as possible.

The coils in this model are Quantum Coils, which are made of a proprietary aluminium alloy, which prevents corrosion over time.

Armstrong 4SCU16LS’s features and specifications

Feature or specification Armstrong 4SCU16LS
Energy efficiency Up to 16 SEER
Noise level Comes with a heavy-duty compressor blanket to dampen noise
Customer rating 4.9 out of 5 from 52 customer reviews
Life expectancy 10 to 12 years
Price Less expensive

Instead of the Ultimate Comfort System that Lennox has, the Armstrong 4SCU16LS is part of the Pro Series Systems, which also connects with a system of other products that optimise your comfort levels.

The Armstrong air conditioner coils are infused with an antibacterial agent that prevents bacterial growth.

What does this mean for the consumer?

All in all, this comparison makes it evident that Lennox infuses many of its design and product philosophies into its Armstrong products.

So if you want the best of the best and you are willing to pay a premium price for these features, Lennox will be the better option for you.

However, if you cannot find stock of the Lennox product that you are looking for, or you have a tighter budget, Armstrong air conditioners work efficiently enough to have high and positive customer ratings, but it may be built using cheaper materials.

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