Best air conditioner brands for South Florida

Looking at the best air conditioner brands to consider for your home in South Florida and the importance of finding a good contractor.

Finding the best air conditioning system for your home is crucial, as air conditioners can be big investments. Especially if you are looking for a unit that will cool down your home living spaces effectively when the weather gets hotter and more humid outside.

Some states in the United States of America can be significantly hotter than others, such as South Florida, and when conditions become extreme, there is always a need for a good air conditioning system. So, what are some of the best AC brands for South Florida?

Is it necessary to have an air conditioner in South Florida?

South Florida is notorious for having some of the hottest weather that can be nearly unbearable to survive without a reliable and efficient air conditioner.

Luckily, finding the best fit for your South Florida home is something you do not have to struggle with, and with a wide variety of brands to choose from, there are a few that are considered the best brands to invest in.

Best air conditioner brands for South Florida

The vast number of AC brands on the market can make the process of purchasing an AC confusing, as you have to know which brand will best suit your needs as well as your South Florida home.

Popular brands, regarded as some of the best you can buy for cooling in South Florida, include the likes of Rheem and RUUD air conditioners that have built a name for themselves for providing reliable equipment at a fair price. These units offer a fantastic warranty with systems that are easy to use.

Goodman air conditioners are solid and reliable, with an excellent warranty pay-out program. They are a more affordable option than their Amana counterparts and they have a reputation for trustworthiness, affordability, and good quality units.

Tempstar units, which are Carrier products, keep costs low to make their air conditioners as affordable as possible for consumers. Having been in the air conditioner market for several years, you will find that these units are quite dependable.

Lennox air conditioners may be the best fit for you if you are looking for energy efficiency in a cooling system for your home. They offer superior quality systems with a long lifespan.

Additionally, Mitsubishi ductless air conditioners are reliable and are one of the most efficient systems on the market. Because they are ductless, however, you will have to install multiple units around the house.

More air conditioner brands to consider

What types of air conditioners are used in Florida?

Since Florida is known as the Sunshine State, you can imagine how hot it can get there. As such, certain types of air conditioners will work best for that region.

Central units work well in Florida as they cool from a centralised location and distribute air around the house via their ductwork.

Air-source heat pumps are most commonly used in Florida as a sustainable solution for extracting heat from the air. Mini-split systems also work well for cooling entire homes with smaller units from one system installed in various rooms.

Are there any downsides to some of these AC brands?

As much as these brands may be the best fit for your South Florida home, some of them have some downsides that you should keep in mind.

Lennox, for one, is completely proprietary. So you can only go through Lennox to get any of its parts, which can be difficult since their logistics chain tends to be inadequate.

Their customer service is also reportedly not good. Additionally, Mitsubishi units may be good, but being ductless means you can anticipate expensive installation.

The importance of getting a good installer

As much as it is important to get a good air conditioner brand, the installer also plays a huge part in your air conditioner experience.

It is important to do your research to find well-qualified contractors to install your unit. The cheapest contractor is not always the best, as improper installation will result in more repair costs.

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