Best air conditioners for a small room

What are the best air conditioners to cool smaller rooms, the benefits of choosing a smaller room air conditioner, and how can a small unit save on energy?

If you have been considering purchasing an air conditioner, but for a small room specifically, you can find a variety of units that are suited for smaller rooms. It can be best to purchase a smaller air conditioner just because you are looking to cool a smaller space, instead of wasting money on a unit that might be too big.

When looking to purchase an air conditioning unit for a small room, consider the benefits of getting a smaller unit and the ways in which a smaller unit will save you money.

What are some of the best air conditioning units for a small room?

LG small portable air conditioner

The LG LP0817WSR small portable air conditioner is one of the cheapest and best small air conditioners for a small room. It is portable and includes an automatic self-evaporation system, meaning that you do not have to stress about emptying out any water that has collected in a water tray or worry about having a drainage system.

With this model, you can choose between an 8 000 BTU or 12 000 BTU cooling capacity. The unit offers you the convenience of coming with wheels, making it very easy for you to move it with you, and it is suitable for cooling a bedroom, living room or an office space.

Black + Decker small portable air conditioner

The Black + Decker BPACT10WT small portable air conditioner is another choice for cooling a small room. It also includes a self-evaporative system the removes water during the dehumidification process, comes with a remote control, and has a programmable 24-hour timer.

It has more sizes to choose from, ranging from an 8 000 BTU, 10 000 BTU 12 000 BTU cooling capacity. It has a more compact design, making it ideal for smaller rooms. The 10 000 BTU unit can cool spaces up to 250 square feet, the 8 000 BTU will cool 150 square feet, and the 12 000 BTU will cool 300 square feet of space.

MIDEA small window air conditioner

The MIDEA MAW05M1BWT small window air conditioner is the best unit if you are looking for one to fit in a window. This unit is a 5 000 BTU model and can cool spaces up to 150 square feet. It is also available in a 6 000 BTU cooling capacity size, which can cool up to 250 square feet and comes with digital controls.

The unit makes use of rotary dials for controlling the temperature and speed of the fan, and the airflow can be directed in two ways from the vents. This unit has an air filter that can be washed, which helps to keep your indoor air clean by getting rid of things such as dust, allergens and dirt.

What are the benefits of smaller units for smaller rooms?

There are many benefits to opting for a smaller air conditioner for a smaller room, and these include the fact that smaller units will likely be more efficient. This is because a larger unit will cool down a small room until it reaches the thermostat point.

A smaller unit will be more efficient running for a longer period of time as it dehumidifies and will not turn on and off, as opposed to a larger unit.

A smaller unit will be cheaper to operate, which can be tied to the kilowatts per hour and the amount of electricity you are charged for your kilowatt use. A smaller unit will have a better energy efficiency ratio.

If you have a 5 000 BTU unit and it uses up to 500 watts of electricity, this means that it will have an EER rating of 10 (5 000/500=10); the lower the EER rating, the more energy efficient your small unit will be.

A smaller unit will weigh less and will not take up much space in your smaller room. This makes it convenient for you to place your unit comfortably in a suitable place within the room. Another benefit will be how much quieter a smaller unit will be compared to a large one.

What are more ways to save on energy with a smaller unit?

Choosing a smaller unit will mean that you get to save on energy. There are more ways to save with a smaller unit.

You can do this by ensuring to close curtains and blinds from letting sunlight into the room, setting the thermostat of the unit to 78 degrees, which is considered the most efficient temperature setting. Always keep your air filter clean to keep your unit running the way it is supposed to.

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