Best portable air conditioners for large rooms

What are some of the best portable air conditioners on Amazon for cooling large rooms up to 700 square feet, and how many BTU’s are needed for cooling?

Are you planning on shopping around for a portable air conditioner but are specifically looking for one to cool down large rooms in your home or space?

Amazon will have what you are looking for with portable units that are able to cool down large spaces with square feet of up to 700. So, depending on the size of the room you are trying to cool, you will find something capable of cooling large spaces offering the right BTU in cooling capacity.

What are some available portable units for large rooms on Amazon?

Honeywell Classic portable air conditioner

The Honeywell Classic portable air conditioner is available on Amazon for $558.22. The unit offers a 14,000 BTU cooling capacity and is a three-in-one portable air conditioner, dehumidifier and fan. It is able to cool rooms up to 700 square feet.

For extra safety, the unit comes with a thermal overload protection. The unit is easy to maintain and notifies you should the air filter need to be cleaned. It has a three-speed fan setting, with a 24-hour energy-saving timer. It comes with automatic evaporation in cooling mode.

DeLonghi PACEX390UVcare-6AL Penguino portable air conditioner

The DeLonghi PACEX390UVcare-6AL Penguino portable air conditioner is another option on Amazon for $649.95. It offers a 14,000 BTU cooling capacity, with powerful cooling capable of cooling rooms up to 700 square feet.

It has special UV-C technology which helps to shield against viruses, and is 99.5 percent effective against H1N1, 99.9 percent against HCoV-229E, 99.9 percent effective against H3N2 and 99.9 percent effective against Infectious Bronchitis. Additionally, noise levels are reduced by 50 percent when on max speed cooling mode.

The filter is able to screen the air for any contamination entering the unit. The unit has a programmable timer and airflow that is motorized. It is easy to move from room to room and is easy to install with three-in-one functions.

GE APCA14YZMW portable air conditioner

The GE APCA14YZMW portable air conditioner goes for $549.00 on Amazon and offers a 13,500 BTU cooling capacity, that is able to cool down spaces up to 550 square feet. It has an electronic digital thermostat that helps to preserve your cooling needs and comfort.

The built-in dehumidifying capabilities will offer flexible comfort at home, as well as ensure that the humidity levels remain balanced in the room you are trying to cool down.

The 24-hour timer will allow you to program the unit to switch on and off between one and 24 hours to ensure constant coolness. The unit also comes with auto evaporative technology, so there will be no need to empty a water bucket.

How many BTU’s and cooling coverage can large portable units produce?

When it comes to cooling a large room, the most obvious thing to do when looking for a portable air conditioner is to find one big enough to cool down the room with ease.

Now, by big, this does not mean that you should be looking for the biggest portable unit in physical size, but rather the biggest unit in terms of the cooling capacity the unit can deliver to efficiently cool down the room.

The cooling capacity will be the BTU (British Thermal Units) the air conditioner can generate when cooling.

When the unit has a higher BTU capacity, this means that it will be able to cool down larger rooms easily. One of the highest BTU’s a portable unit can have is 14,000 BTU’s, meaning that it will be able to cool large rooms ranging from 350 square feet to 700 square feet.

This would be absolutely fitting for a large room. So, looking for a portable unit offering 14,000 BTU’s or starting from 12,000 should be good for cooling your large space.

What is the energy efficiency of large room portable units?

Before you run and find the largest BTU air conditioner for your large room, be very aware of how this might affect your use of energy. The larger the unit, the more likely it might use up more electricity.

You can however, find that large portable air conditioning units will be able to offer good energy efficiency ratios regardless of their size. You will know this when you determine the EER rating of the unit. The biggest portable units can be rated at 10 plus, and the higher the EER rating the more energy efficient the unit will be.

When it comes to choosing the best portable air conditioning units, look to Amazon for high BTU units that can cool paces up to 700 square feet, understand how BTU’s work and determine EER ratings.

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