Best space heaters for a basement

Different types of space heaters you can use in your basement to keep warm, as well as the safety precautions that you always need to keep in mind.


The chill of the winter is certainly not pleasant to bare with, especially if you are trying to stay as warm as you possibly can. This is where a space heater can come into play if you need to make a room warmer for you to get cosy in.

If you tend to spend a lot of time in your basement for whatever reason, you will know that in the winter, the space can be a bit colder than the rest of your house. Investing in a space heater for your basement can make spending time inside more bearable.

Space heaters and basements

During the winter, your basement will be one of the coldest rooms in your house, so if you are spending more time in it, you will need to have something to keep you warm.

This is because the cold and sometimes wet feeling you will have in your basement will leave you uncomfortable. A good way to better warm up your basement for you to comfortably be spending time in it, is to invest in a space heater. Your space heater of choice will have to be one that a basement can accommodate.

Best space heaters for a basement

Since the basement is not necessarily arranged like a typical room inside your house, you will need to be strategic about the type of heating you need to use.

Other heating systems might be too much for a basement to handle, which can cause some issues related to safety. Basements can sometimes be confined spaces, so having the right heating system is best.

A space heater can be used in basements, but with the necessary precautions being taken into consideration as well as the type of heater you will need for your basement space, as not all of basements are the same.

Amazon has a range of space heaters for you to choose from. When considering buying a space heater, you will need to know how much heat your basement can take in order to determine how powerful you need your heater to be.

Lasko Ceramic Space Heater

$64.49 – Two quiet settings – high heat and low heat as well as Auto setting.

– Built-in safety features such as overheat protection for when left unattended.

e-Flame USA Fireplace Space Heater

$179.00 – Features a quiet, fan-forced heater with easy adjust settings.

– Can be a great decoration added piece to reflect your style.

Heat Storm Infrared Heater

$124.56 – Is space saving and wall-mounted.

– Wi-Fi enabled making it possible to control it from your phone.

The types of space heaters to choose for your basement

For warming up your basement, you can choose from five types of space heaters. These include ceramic or fan heaters, heaters that make use of infrared, a freestanding fireplace heater, oil-filled radiator heaters as well as propane heaters.

The only thing to consider if you decide to go for a propane space heater option is that instead of using electricity, propane heaters need liquid propane for you to run them. They will require you to be extra cautious as they produce open flames.

What is the most efficient type of space heater for your basement?

Looking to make use of a space heater to warm up your basement will also require you to look into energy saving advantages in the heater you want to invest in.

Shopping around for the most energy efficient type will help you enjoy the benefits of heating and also not spending too much money form power consumption.

Infrared and oil filled space heaters are considered as the best when it comes to their energy efficiency. Their heat lasts longer, even after turning them off still releasing warmer air.

How to use space heaters safely in your basement

Seeing that heaters generate heat and use electricity to be able to function, you will need to be particularly cautious when it comes to using your space heater in the basement.

Some cautious steps to take would be to ensure that you know all your space heater’s functions and features, and make sure that your heater is positioned in way that it is stable.

Additionally, you should always ensure that your basement floor is not wet and that cables are running safely to avoid risks of potential fires. Lastly, never leave the heater unattended when it is running.


The wintertime does not always need to be uncomfortable and unbearable to handle, especially in the parts of your home where you spend lots of your time. Keeping warm by making use of heaters is a luxury for some but can be possible for anyone looking to keep warm.

If your basement space is a place that you spend time in a lot, keeping it warmer in the coldest of winter times will help you to always feel comfortable no matter how cold it can get, as basements are known to get extra cold and wet in winters.

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