Best window air conditioner for an apartment in Canada

Looking at some of the best window air conditioners for people who live in apartments in Canada and considerations they should make when purchasing a window AC.

Are you a Canadian citizen or do you have plans to move to Canada and invest in a new window air conditioner? Cooling will be necessary even in an apartment, as the warmer climate can make apartments particularly uncomfortable to live in in summer.

Finding the right window air conditioner for your apartment can ensure you get the cooling you need. Whether you have an open-plan apartment or one that is divided into separate rooms, the right window unit will keep you cool no matter where your unit is.

Window air conditioners for Canadian apartments

Window air conditioners are the go-to type of AC systems when it comes to apartment living. This is because they are a better option when it comes to installation requirements.

They are a popular choice amongst apartment owners and offer a temporary solution for cooling apartments efficiently.

Window air conditioners are also amongst the cheapest types of air conditioners, which makes them affordable investments for temporary living setups such as apartments.

So, which window air conditioners are considered the best for your apartment?

Best window air conditioner for an apartment in Canada

There are a few window air conditioners that are regarded as the best. Some of these window units can be bought online, on Amazon, and delivered to your apartment conveniently.

Once you have factored in everything you need to consider to choose the right window air conditioner for your apartment, you can look into the various options available to you.

The Midea U Inverter Window Air Conditioner is one of the best options for people with city apartments and can also cool bedrooms and home office spaces.

With its upgraded DC inverter, it is one of the quietest units with a noise level of 42 decibels. Its technology also makes it significantly energy-efficient and you can expect to save approximately 35-45 percent of your prior energy-consumption.

Quiet operation in an apartment space is ideal, and the Frigidaire 5 000 BTU Window Air Conditioner is ideal for people who are looking for an affordable and easy-to-install unit for their first apartment or any temporary living space.

At about 51.3 decibels of noise, the unit is perfect for those who can handle a bit of white noise. The LG Dual Inverter Window Air Conditioner is the best choice for larger apartments or apartments with an open plan setup.

Window AC unit Description Amazon price
Midea U Inverter

Buy it on Amazon 
·   9 times quieter than traditional units

·   Energy Star Most efficient 2022 certification

·   Offers flexible window opening

·   Smart control with Wi-Fi and voice commands


Buy it on Amazon
·   Available in 5 000 BTU to 12 000 BTU options

·   Effortless temperature-control

·   Easy to clean and has a washable air filter

·   Automatically restarts with previous settings when power is restored

LG Dual Inverter

Buy it on Amazon
·   Ultra-quiet operation

·   15 percent more energy efficient dual inverter technology

·   You can control the unit from anywhere with ThinQ Technology

·   Multiple fan speeds for customisable cooling

$574.00 for 115 volts unit

Alternatives to window AC units

If people feel that a window air conditioner is not the best option for them, especially if their living arrangement is temporary or because of apartment building restrictions, then a portable air conditioner may be a better cooling system choice for your apartment.

Portable units can be more convenient as they do not require extensive installation as opposed to window units. They simply need to be vented outside a window or an opening to the outside. They are also mobile, so you can simply pack it up and move it.

The importance of a budget for your apartment window unit

Living in an apartment is cost-effective but also requires that you live within your means. There are a few things to consider budget-wise when living in an apartment temporarily such as rent, utilities, upkeep, and electricity.

Getting a window air conditioner needs to fit into your budget so that you can still comfortably afford all your monthly expenses and the costs of running your window air conditioner. This is why you should purchase a window unit you can afford.

Energy efficiency of window air conditioners

The energy-efficiency of your apartment window air conditioner is a large contributor to its overall running costs. Investing in an energy-efficient unit will positively impact the financial load of electricity consumption in your apartment.

The more energy-efficient your unit is, the more peace of mind you have, knowing you can afford to enjoy your window air conditioner in a cost-effective way while still being able to afford all the costly demands of renting an apartment.

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