Brand-new window AC not cooling

If a brand-new window AC is not cooling, it is often caused by an issue with the inner components of the unit or improper handling during delivery.

Having a working air conditioner in your home can be a pleasant experience, as you are guaranteed to have a cool space in hot, humid temperatures outside. A working air conditioner eliminates humidity in your space and cools the air.

Window air conditioners can be life savers, especially for cooling certain rooms in the home. But if your window unit starts producing more heat than cool air, this can make for a very unpleasant experience.

So why would a window air conditioner suddenly stop producing cooler air?

Window air conditioner is not cooling effectively

If you have a window air conditioner and have noticed that the unit does not seem to be cooling anymore, this can be quite worrisome.

A working window air conditioner that is not cooling efficiently needs to be checked for any faults or issues inside the unit, as some simply need small fixes that can get you up and running quite quickly.

Brand-new window AC not cooling

A new window air conditioner can be an exciting addition to your home, as it will relieve you from the heat and the humidity that can accumulate in your indoor spaces when the weather is at its hottest.

Window air conditioners extract the humidity in a room and release the hot air outside after it has condensed for cooler air to be produced and blown back into the room.

If you have just bought a brand-new window air conditioner, it will be such an inconvenience to discover that the unit is not working or cooling as it should.

When this happens, you have probably been running your window AC for quite some time, but it is still warmer than it should be.

Firstly, you need to check the unit in order to identify what the problem might be, as a brand-new unit should be working effectively.

Unfortunately, even brand-new window air conditioners can experience malfunctioning or issues when they are bought and installed.

Many such issues can be related to some of the inner components of the unit not being in perfect condition, while other possible problems could have been caused by how the unit was handled in the delivery process, either way, a brand-new unit that is not working can be frustrating.

When the unit has been handled poorly during delivery

If your brand-new window AC arrives but it is not cooling properly even though is plugged into the power outlet, then the culprit could be poor handling of the unit while it was being delivered to you.

Ordering from online retailers can sometimes result in such problems with new appliances. It can be difficult to determine where and when the unit may have gotten damaged while in transit to you.

Things that can damage the unit include the seller using an incorrectly sized box to package the window AC, the packaging not having sufficient cushioning inside to protect the unit, and negligence from the people handling the unit with no regard for its fragility.

Customers should always read a retailer’s return policy before purchasing products from it to ensure you are covered in the event that you need to return a defective air conditioner.

The wrong thermostat settings could hinder the window AC from cooling

Some window ACs may have controls that work independently with the home’s thermostat. If the thermostat setting does not match the air conditioner’s output, then the window unit may not be blowing cool air at your preferred temperature.

This can happen when the temperatures of the room that the unit is trying to cool are quite humid, which makes it more difficult for cool air to be felt by the people in the space.

Damaged condenser coils and ill-fitted air filters can cause cooling issues

If your new air conditioner is not cooling properly, another possibility could be that there is an issue with the key components involved in the cooling cycle.

The condenser coils of the unit could be faulty, which is not good as the coils are responsible for converting the hot air into cold air and expelling the cold air into the space.

Alternatively, the coils could be the victim of refrigerant leaks, which could be preventing the unit from blowing cool air.

Lastly, if the air filter is not properly fitted in the unit properly, then the efficiency of the unit can be affected, resulting in it not cooling effectively.

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