C4 error code on a Samsung air conditioner

The C4 error code on your Samsung air conditioner can be cleared by consulting with a professional, checking common problems, or by resetting the entire unit.

Samsung air conditioners (AC) are designed to look beautiful in a home and to operate smoothly and quietly.

However, when an error code is displayed on your unit, this can interrupt how well it functions.

Fortunately, there are several troubleshooting solutions that you can attempt, and you can contact a professional to assist you or to reset your unit to clear a C4 error code.

Are Samsung air conditioners any good?

Samsung is one of the world’s leading appliance manufacturers and this includes the manufacturing of air conditioners for both home and commercial use. Samsung is well known for their sleek and stylish design of air conditioners, especially in their high-end units.

However, the brand is not all about looks, as Samsung air conditioners are also designed with their signature wind-free design, which makes these air conditioners less intrusive in your space and quieter than ACs from many other brands.

These signature features and great designs are what the brand uses to justify the slightly higher price points of Samsung air conditioners, but in the end, the only way to know whether an air conditioner from this brand will meet your needs is to try it for yourself.

C4 error code on a Samsung air conditioner

However, these features do not make Samsung air conditioners indestructible. Samsung air conditioners are designed with a display screen where the temperature is displayed when your air conditioner is on and working.

Error codes will also be displayed if your air conditioner is not working as it should.

Different Samsung air conditioner models have varying error codes and systems, and this can make it difficult to determine exactly what the error code means.

This is why Samsung recommends that you write down the error code that is displayed on your unit and contact Samsung directly via their website, so that a professional can assist you with finding and fixing the issue.

The C4 error is not a common error to appear on Samsung air conditioners, as air conditioners usually have error codes that start with “E” or with a number.

However, there are some other common C-type errors that occur with Samsung air conditioners and that can be easily solved.

A C4 or 4C error in some Samsung appliances may indicate that there is an issue with the water hose, which is worth investigating if you are struggling to find the cause of the C4 error in your air conditioner.

It is also a good option to reset your Samsung air conditioner, just in case the system is confused and gave you an unnecessary error code.

Common C-type errors for Samsung air conditioners

The most common C-type display errors in Samsung air conditioners are the CF and CL error codes, which could be mistaken for a C4 error code in some cases. The causes and solutions for each of these errors can be summarised as follows:

C-type error code Cause Solution
CF This is the “Clean Filter” indicator that is meant to remind you to clean your air conditioner’s filters regularly To remove this from the display, you need to remove the air filters from your unit and clean them with lukewarm water and a soft brush
CL This is the “Auto clean” indicator that turns on when your air conditioner is producing an odour To remove this code from your display, you need to run your air conditioner in “Auto clean” mode to remove any odours from the indoor unit

Investigating issues with the water hose

Samsung air conditioners are usually split units. This means that it may be difficult to access the hoses and vents of your air conditioner.

This is why you should contact a professional if you feel unsure and you should ensure that your unit is switched off and that the circuit breaker is switched off.

Then you can start investigating the condensate hose for any blockages or leaks. You can also clean your condensate hose manually if you have access to it and if you think that there may be debris blocking the hose, using a specialised pipe brush set.

C4 error code on a Samsung air conditioner
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How to reset your Samsung air conditioner

If the errors above were not the causes of your C4 error, it may be that your air conditioner’s system is simply confused.

Resetting your air conditioner by switching it off and switching off the circuit breakers to both the indoor and outdoor unit for a few minutes before turning it back on, could help you clear the error message at last.

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