Can a window air conditioner be installed in a wall sleeve?

Installing a window air conditioner in a wall sleeve is not recommended, as this can result in the unit struggling to vent properly.

Window air conditioners are a popular unit choice for rooms because they can be simple to install and they also tend to be economical. These units also offer convenience in that they are out of your way and are placed in the window so that the unit can vent outside.

You need to have a suitable window which you can install a window air conditioner into, but it may be hard to find a suitable window for the unit you want.

So, let us discuss whether there are any alternatives to using a window.

Installing a window unit in a wall

Since window air conditioners are designed to be installed through windows, people who do not have a suitable window may find themselves in a complicated situation.

To remedy this situation, some might wonder if they can opt to install a window air conditioner in a wall sleeve.

Can a window air conditioner be installed in a wall sleeve?

When you look at window air conditioners and through-the-wall units, you can possibly mistake them for each other, as they tend to look quite similar, with the only difference being how they are installed – one in a wall and the other in a window.

If you really want to get a window air conditioner but you are afraid you do not have a suitable window for it, you can find a way to install the unit in the wall.

This is not recommended, as the window air conditioner is not made for the wall. Though it can be done if you meet important requirements to make it possible.

Check the wall, since you need to cut it to fit the air conditioner and wall sleeve. Make sure the wall you intend to use is an exterior wall, as the unit needs to vent to the outside.

The wall also needs to be able to carry the weight of the unit. The window air conditioner requires electricity to operate, so ensure that you can run an electrical supply to it.

The last and probably the most important aspect to consider is to check that the vents of the window unit are on the sides as you will need to purchase the right type of casing for the unit, so that it can vent without restrictions.

The problem with installing window units in a wall sleeve

The vents of window air conditioners are typically located on the sides of the unit, meaning these vents cannot, under any circumstances, be closed off or obstructed by anything. This is important for the unit to vent properly so that it works properly.

Wall sleeves can partially block the side vents causing the unit to have reduced airflow through the inside of the air conditioner, which can, in turn, increase the heat in the internal parts of the unit.

The PerfectAire Sleeve on Amazon is an example of a sleeve that can potentially block the airflow.

Window Sleeve brand Description Amazon price

PerfectAire Sleeve on Amazon
·       Fits all standard 24-inch through-the-wall units.

·       Minimises heat loss and reduces noise transmissions.

·       Made of quality galvanised steel.

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Reasons why people may opt to install a window unit in a wall

Some buyers may be dead set on getting a window unit to install it in a wall, possibly to avoid placing the unit in a window, for a few reasons. Window units tend to obstruct your view of the outside.

A window unit sitting in a window can also look unappealing to the eye, as it sits in a window and takes up window space. Window units are typically positioned at head height when you are sitting where chilled air can hit you.

Advantages of a window air conditioner

Purchasing a window air conditioner and installing it the proper way has some advantages.

They are known to be cheaper than other units and can be the perfect cooling system for people who do not own the property they live in, which makes it easier for people who move around often as these types of units are simple to pack up and take with you to your next location.

A window unit is ideal for smaller spaces and does not take up much space as it sits neatly in a window.

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