Can two thermostats control one AC unit?

Two thermostats can control one air conditioner unit if they are installed and wired correctly in a way that does not confuse your system.

HVAC systems are expensive and complicated to install, but they give you greater control and efficiency over the systems in your home.

Another way to increase your control of your air conditioner (AC) is to install two thermostats for different zones in your home.

Why HVAC systems are so popular

HVAC or heating, ventilation, and cooling systems are whole-house systems that can cool or heat spaces, and even clean the air throughout the rooms in your home.

This versatility allows homeowners to maintain a comfortable environment regardless of seasonal changes, making them suitable for year-round use.

This type of system can be expensive and complicated to install, which scares many homeowners and landlords.

However, once the system has been installed and it is up and running, it can have many health and wellness benefits for your entire household.

There are also many unique systems and components to choose from, which means that you will be able to tailor your HVAC system to suit your own needs.

This type of system is also very streamlined, this centralized approach simplifies the management of heating, ventilation, and cooling functions, which makes it easy to control and maintain over the years.

Can two thermostats control one AC unit?

One of the various components that make up an HVAC system is a thermostat, which feeds information back to the air conditioner about the actual temperature of the air in your space.

This allows the air conditioner to adjust its functions so that it can reach the desired temperature and can maintain this temperature as the day goes on.

However, if you have multiple floors in your home, or if you have a home where there are areas that get particularly hot and other areas that stay cool, a singular thermostat will not be able to get an accurate measurement of the temperature, which takes all of these differences into account.

Fortunately, you will be able to install two thermostats to control a single air conditioner within your HVAC system. This will help you create various cooling zones for your air conditioner throughout your home.

It is important that you install and wire these thermostats correctly using zone dampers, also known as duct dampers, to split the ducts of your HVAC system into different zones to go along with the thermostats.

If this is not done correctly the two thermostats controlling one air conditioner can confuse your HVAC unit.

It is also important to consider what the best options are for you when it comes to thermostats, because you want your zoned system to be able to work as effectively and as efficiently as possible.

How to install two thermostats for one air conditioner

The most effective way to go about installing two thermostats to control one air conditioning unit is to install zone dampers or duct dampers.

Duct dampers, like this AC Infinity 6″ Backdraft Damper, which is available on Amazon for $18.99, when installed correctly, allows you to create a separate split duct for the two zones in your house.

Can two thermostats control one AC unit?
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This means that the two zones, which are linked to the two thermostats, can function almost independently from one another and have their own ductwork for cool and warm air to flow from each zone independently.

Why it is important that your two thermostats are wired correctly

Although it is possible to use two thermostats to send separate information from the separate zones to your single air conditioner, the process is complicated.

You can combat this by contacting a professional to help you or by researching the correct process yourself, properly.

Both thermostats need to be wired in parallel so that they can work independently, but both have the ability to turn the air conditioner on and off as is needed for that specific zone in your house.

If the wiring or duct dampers are installed incorrectly, this will likely confuse your entire HVAC system and it will function incorrectly.

This may lead to higher electricity usage and more frequent maintenance, which is why the wiring of the two thermostats is so vital to the entire system.

The best thermostat options for zoned systems

If you are going through all of the trouble to install two thermostats in the different zones in your house, it is a good idea to consider thermostats with high customer ratings, as this will ensure that your zoned air conditioning system works as efficiently as it can.

Some of the best thermostat options include the following:

Thermostat Available on Amazon Price Customer rating
Honeywell Home RTH221B1039 RTH221B Programmable Thermostat Midea air conditioner 5000 BTU not cooling $26.99 4.4 out of 5 from over 7 200 reviews
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Google Nest Learning Thermostat Can aircon “Auto” mode harm the unit? $249.99 4.6 out of 5 from over 34 000 reviews
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When selecting a thermostat for your zoned system, it’s essential to check compatibility with your HVAC equipment and zoning components.

Additionally, consider features such as remote access, scheduling capabilities, and compatibility with room sensors if precise temperature control in different zones is a priority.

Also, always remember to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations and guidelines for installation and configuration.

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