Can window air conditioners be installed through the wall?

Why should a window air conditioner not be installed through the wall, and what are the potential risks of this for both your home and for the unit?


The great benefit of having an air conditioner (AC) in your home is getting to choose where you would want to have it installed for your convenience and enjoyment, depending on the type of air conditioner it is. Additionally, it also depends on the type of installation process it requires as all differ.

Different air conditioners will need to be installed and used in different ways, as they do not function the same. Should you have a window air conditioner and are thinking of other ways to install it, besides the typical window installation, the through the wall method is viable option for some.

Window air conditioners and through the wall installation

Air conditioning experts will most likely never recommend the installation of a window type air conditioner as a through the wall unit.

This is because air conditioners that are designed to be installed via a window cannot be installed as through the wall units, and this is for a variety of reasons.

According to experts, the installation of a window unit through the wall will interfere with the ventilation process. However, this kind of installation is possible but would require someone who would know what they are really doing.

Can window air conditioners be installed through the wall?

The answer to this question is yes, but with the potential risk of damaging your window air conditioner, as this will significantly interfere with the proper ventilation process of your window type unit.

It is important to note that a window unit and a through the wall air conditioner will be built differently, especially with the components for their respective ventilation processes.

They will not vent the same, thus, installing a window unit through the wall will not make sense and will instead cause damage, should it not be installed properly in an attempt.

Air conditioning experts will typically advise against trying to install a window unit through the wall, as this is not what a window unit is designed for.

For those who are, however, adamant with attempting this, they would need to have a proper wall sleeve.

What is the difference between a window and through the wall unit?

Potential buyers need to know that it might be hard to tell a window mounted unit and a through the wall unit apart from each other, as they are very similar to each other but quite different in terms of how they function.

Window air conditioner designs will typically adapt to a thinner spacing of a window, rather than the width of a wall. Window air conditioners will need to vent outside, and so side venting will put the vent closer to the condensing unit which in turn generates heat.

Which is the better option between the two types of AC units?

In the case of window units, they are easier to install, and are generally much cheaper when compared to through the wall units. Window units are also easier to move.

In the case of through the wall units, they are noted to be more efficient, they save you from losing a window with the installation being through the wall and the best part is that they have a longer operational lifespan when compared to window-mounted units. These are basically the positives when it comes to each unit.

Installing a through the wall air conditioner with a sleeve

It is extremely important that when installing a through the wall air conditioner, you have a wall sleeve to make the installation process as seamless and hassle-free as possible.

Doing this correctly will also help you to avoid further problems arising in the future from improper installation.

Should a through the wall installation take place without a sleeve, the wall may be unable to support the added weight of the unit. This can then lead to some damage to the unit, as well as to your wall from the heaviness.


Ensuring that you know how to go about installing an air conditioner properly can be the difference between enjoying proper and efficient cooling with your new air conditioner, to being miserable from the inconveniences that can arise from performing installations that are not correct for your unit and home.

The same can be said in instances where people might want to install a window air conditioner through the wall. Window units are not built to be put in a wall, and experts will advise against this, as the potential damages will not be worth it if incorrect installation happens.

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