Can you run a fan and an air purifier at the same time?

There are no dangers in running your fan and air purifier at the same time, but this could make these appliances less efficient and wear them out faster.

The indoor air quality of the spaces you spend the most time in will have an effect on your health, wellbeing, and comfort levels.

You can run your fan and air purifier at the same time, but this is not the most effective or efficient way to use these appliances.

Why your indoor air quality is important

If you spend a significant amount of time in any space, the air quality of the space will affect you. Inhaling fresh, clean air will be beneficial to your overall health and wellbeing.

Cleaner air will help you minimise the negative effects of allergens and other harmful bacteria and particles and this can help you live a more comfortable life. To add to this, ensuring that your home has adequate ventilation and cool air can also help you live comfortably in your home.

Can you run a fan and an air purifier at the same time?

Since both an air purifier and a fan can improve your home in terms of wellness and comfort, it is only natural to wonder whether you can operate these appliances at the same time.

Before you can understand the effect that this can have, it is important that you understand how distinctive the functions of these two appliances are.

An air purifier removes particles from the air in your space through a series of air filters. This leaves your air cleaner and safer. A fan circulates the air in your space to make you feel cooler when the wind blows over you.

These two appliances have completely different functions, which is why many homeowners want to use them at the same time to ensure they get both the benefit of both cooling down and of cleaner air.

However, although there is no real harm in running both a fan and an air purifier at the same time, it will not increase the effectiveness of your air purifier, in fact, it may actually overwhelm your air purifier in the process.

This is especially true when you are using a window fan, as the interference of outside air may make the whole system ineffective.

This is why manufacturers have developed dual fan and air purifiers, so that you can run just one appliance at a time and do not have to worry about ruining the effectiveness of either the fan or the air purifier.

The pros and cons of running your fan and air purifier at the same time

A fan may help distribute the clean air that the air purifier releases into your home, but a fan does not increase the effectiveness of the air purifier.

Many people assume that because a fan can increase the airflow to the air purifier, you will have more clean air in your home, but this is not true.

An air purifier is designed to pull a certain amount of air from its surrounding area and through its filters at a rate that makes it more effective, but blowing more air at the purifier than it can handle could lead to increased wear and tear and decreased efficiency, because this is not how the air purifier is designed to work.

The problem with window fans and air purifiers running at the same time

The problem with running an air purifier next to a window exhaust fan is that it just does not make much sense.

If the fan is blowing air out of your home, your air purifier will work hard to purify the air in the room, just for this clean air to be blown outside again.

If your window fan is blowing air from the outside of your house to the inside, an air purifier may not be powerful enough to purify a continuous influx of polluted air at a fast enough pace.

Dual air purifier and fan machines

If you truly want the benefits that running your fan and your air purifier simultaneously can give you, it is best to purchase a dual or combination fan and air purifier product, like the following:

Air purifier and fan combination Price Notable features Where to buy
ULTTY R021 Bladeless Tower Fan and Air Purifier in one $199.99 ·   Filters: H13 HEPA

·   Fan: Ultra quiet and has nine speeds

·   Suitable for spaces of up to 320 square feet

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Dyson TP04Pure Cool Tower Fan and Air Purifier $544 ·   Filters: HEPA and activated carbon filters

·   Fan: Dyson Link application connectivity 350-degree oscillation

·   Suitable for spaces of up to 290 square feet

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