Cheap window air conditioners under $100

Cheap window air conditioners for less than $100 that are also easy to find, as well as the benefits of buying a cheaper window air conditioner.

Are you looking to buy a window air conditioning unit but are not sure if you can afford one? You might be happy to know that there are cheap window air conditioners for as low as $100.

However, it could be hard finding one. If you are looking to find a cooling unit to keep you cool and comfortable in the hottest of summer days but are worried about your budget and what you can afford, there is no need to panic as you will surely find an air conditioner within your $100 budget.

If your budget is under $100, anticipate settling on an already used unit, as low-budget units are rare to come by and your best bet would be to look for something under at least $200.

Does Amazon have any window air conditioners for under $100?

Yes, Amazon does have a few options of window air conditioners considered to be in the range below $100, but when you look on the site you will discover that they are unfortunately currently unavailable, and possibly out of stock.

Frigidaire 115V Window-mounted mini compact air conditioner

The Frigidaire 115V Window-mounted mini compact air conditioner is one. This unit offers a cooling capacity of 5 000 British Thermal Unit (BTU) and has a mini compact design. It has a 2016 energy star rating, with a 12.2 energy efficiency ratio (EER).

The unit also comes with dehumidification of up to 1.1 pints per hour and quickly cools a room up to 150 square feet. It comes with a remote control with a low power start-up and operation, which allows it to be able to save energy which will help you save money.

LG 115V window air conditioner

The LG 115V window air conditioner is another cheap option on Amazon and is also currently unavailable as there is no stock. This unit will, however, offer you a 6 000 BTU cooling capacity and is regarded as having a low noise performance, operating at sound levels as low as 52 decibels.

It comes with multiple fan speeds allowing you to switch up your cooling needs. It comes standard with a remote control with easy-to-use electronic controls. It has an auto restart function which will come in handy following a power failure and automatically turn the unit back on. This unit is able to cool rooms up to 250 square feet, making it ideal for cooling medium rooms.

What are the benefits of cheap window air conditioners?

Window air conditioners are generally affordable when compared to other types of units. Their prices can range from the cheapest being $100 to as high as $2 000.

Price differences will depend on the window unit’s cooling capacity, the features it has and the brand of air conditioner. Window air conditioners are also beneficial as they are affordable to operate and maintain.

One of the major advantages of cheaper air conditioners is that they are energy efficient. Window air conditioners will have a higher energy efficiency ratio (EER) and also come with other energy-saving features.

Cheap window air conditioners will be great for supplemental cooling, this is a strategy that will reduce your electric bills while you preserve your desired cool temperature.

Window air conditioners will allow for multi-functionality, meaning you can operate them all year round. One of the multi-function features that come with window air conditioners is that they can also operate in the winter as heaters to warm spaces that are cold.

Why a cheaper window air conditioner under $100 might be hard to find

If you are really pressed about finding a window air conditioner for under $100, you will need to consider that it might be hard to find a brand-new, good quality model. This is because window air conditioners are typically priced from $100 or more. Should a window unit cost less than $100, then it is most likely used or it has been refurbished.

If either are to be true, then your unit may or may not still be at its optimum compared to when it was first bought. The lifespan will have decreased from usage before and you will risk earlier complications, if it was a unit that was not properly taken care of already.

Used products will not have a good track record and are risky to purchase. So, should you be desperate for a cheaper window air conditioner priced under $100, be prepared to settle for a second-hand unit or refurbished unit as it will be hard finding one.

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