Common problems with portable air conditioners

There are common portable air conditioner problems when it comes to their air filters and coils, as well as their electrical components and drainage and venting systems.

Portable air conditioners have positive aspects and negative aspects to consider, but they are worth their price because of the flexibility and comfort that they offer.

One of the negative aspects are some of the common problems that portable air conditioners have, such as dirty filters or coils, faulty components, or venting and drainage issues.

Are portable air conditioners worth buying?

Although portable air conditioners tend to be less energy-efficient and less effective at cooling spaces, they are relatively affordable and easy to install.

As their name suggests, portable air conditioners can be moved with you as you move between different rooms in your house, which makes this a worthwhile investment if you want to cool down your space without all of the time, effort, and money that it takes to install central air conditioning.

Common problems with portable air conditioners

Even though portable air conditioners can feel so worth it when they make your room cool and comfortable when it is hot and humid outside, portable air conditioners do have to house many components and systems within one unit, which can sometimes cause inconvenient operational issues.

Portable air conditioners work in the same way that other air conditioners do for the most part – warm air is extracted from your room and this hot air is then blown over a series of coils where the heat and moisture is removed from this air by the refrigerant which is controlled and circulated by the AC’s condenser.

The problem is that in portable air conditioners, all of these different parts are packed closely together, and this can make it difficult to determine what is actually causing a problem in your air conditioner when it malfunctions.

Fortunately, there are some common problems that owners with different portable air conditioner models experience, which can be used as a starting point for pinpointing and fixing problems that you may face with your own portable air conditioner.

These problems include dirty air filters and evaporator coils, faulty electric components, and draining and ventilation issues.

Inspecting all of these usual problem areas can help give you an overall idea of the condition and operation of your portable air conditioning unit.

The problem with dirty air filters and coils in portable air conditioners

The air filters in your portable air conditioner need to be cleaned every two to three weeks, as these filters are specifically designed to catch dust, dirt, hair, and any other debris that may be sucked into the air conditioner with the hot air from your space.

When too much of this dirt builds up, it can block the airflow to the rest of the unit’s components and your air conditioner will not work properly.

Fortunately, you can clean these filters by running them under lukewarm water and scrubbing them gently with a soft brush to get rid of any stubborn grime.

If the filters are damaged or have mildew or mould, you may also be able to purchase replacement filters for your specific model.

Dirt and dust may accumulate on the evaporator coils of your portable air conditioner, which will prevent the unit from functioning properly and may even cause your coils to freeze over.

However, cleaning these coils with coil cleaner will eliminate this problem.

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The problem with faulty electrical components

If you have determined that the problem with your portable air conditioner does not lie with dirty coils or air filters, you need to open the unit and inspect its electrical components.

A faulty compressor, fan motor, fan blades, or thermostat can have a gravely negative impact on the functionality of your portable air conditioning unit.

If you suspect that one of these major components of the unit is the problem, you need to call a professional technician to look at your unit and replace or fix any parts that need to be fixed.

The problem with draining and venting systems

The most inconvenient part of portable air conditioners is that they need to be drained and vented with hoses and vents. Problems can often occur because these hoses and vents are outside of the unit and have a higher risk of damage.

Ensuring that your air conditioner’s exhaust vent is not bent or leaking, that your condensate tank is not too full, and that there are no blockages in the condensate hose will help you ensure that your portable air conditioner is cooling your space properly.

You can purchase replacement vents and condensate hoses if the problem is serious.

Common problems with portable air conditioners Common problems with portable air conditioners
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