Quick Fixes: How to get rid of smell in your De’Longhi air conditioner

If your De’Longhi air conditioner smells, the cause is likely bacterial growth, mould, or mildew in one of the components, which can be cleaned to eliminate the odour.

De’Longhi manufactures a whole host of home appliances. However, the portable air conditioners manufactured by this brand are especially popular.

However, they are some of the pricier air conditioner options, so it can be upsetting when they start to smell bad. Fortunately, cleaning various components of the air conditioner should eliminate this odour.

Are De’Longhi air conditioners any good?

De’Longhi has been a well-known name in the home appliance market since 1974 and the company designs and manufactures stylish and functional home appliances, including portable air conditioners.

The brand is most well-known for creating portable air conditioners that are convenient to use, while incorporating stylish and modern designs into its appliances, making them visually appealing and suitable for various home environments.

One of the standout features of De’Longhi portable air conditioners is their reputation for being among the quietest on the market.

And although these air conditioners are not completely silent, by any means, it does make them suitable for use in spaces where noise levels need to be minimized, such as bedrooms or shared living areas.

The combination of portability and quiet operation makes De’Longhi air conditioners well-suited for apartment living.

De’Longhi air conditioner smells

Although De’Longhi portable air conditioners offer great energy efficiency, performance, and style, they do come at a slightly high price point, like the Pinguino EL376HRGFK and PAC EX390LVYN models, which cost about $699.99 each.

This is why it can be so disappointing if you have spent the money on a De’Longhi air conditioning unit, only to have it smelling up your entire home or space.

Fortunately, it is quite common for portable air conditioners from any brand to develop a smell and there are various troubleshooting solutions that can help you eliminate this smell without much effort or additional costs.

The reason why portable air conditioners often develop an odour is because the moisture, dust, and other particles that accumulate as the air conditioner is drawing in air, unfortunately, makes the perfect breeding ground for the development of mould, mildew, and bacteria.

In most cases, cleaning your dust and air filters can eliminate dust, pet hair, or other particles that could be causing a musty odour to spread from your air conditioner.

If cleaning these filters does not get rid of the smell, the same can be said for the coils in your portable air conditioner, as dirt and dust can also accumulate on these components.

In cases where there is more of a mouldy or vinegar-like smell coming from your air conditioner, this could be an indication that there is mould or mildew growing in the drain line.

Fortunately, all of these problems have simple, do-it-yourself solutions that should help you get rid of any smell emanating from your De’Longhi portable air conditioner.

Odours from the filters

The dust and air filters in your De’Longhi air conditioner are designed to trap dust, hair, and other particles from flowing to other parts of the unit.

However, this does mean that these particles can build up over time and this build-up may be the cause of the bad smell that is coming from your air conditioner.

Fortunately, cleaning these filters should get rid of the odour. In order to do this, you need to remove and vacuum the filters to get any large particles out of them.

If your filters are particularly grubby, you can run them under lukewarm water and gently scrub them with a soft brush to clean them thoroughly.

After you have cleaned the filters, you can let them air-dry before you place them back inside your air conditioner, and this should eliminate any odours.

Odours from the coils

In the same way that dust and other particles can get caught in the filters, these particles can also accumulate around the AC’s evaporator coils.

Since there is also quite a lot of moisture surrounding the coils, mildew and mould can also start growing on them.

To access these coils, you need to remove the casing of your air conditioner and then remove any debris around the coils.

You can then spray a coil cleaner or a diluted vinegar and water solution on the coils to kill growth and prevent mould and mildew from growing there again in the future.

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Odours from the drain line

Another place where moisture can accumulate and that, subsequently, creates the perfect environment for mould and mildew to develop, is the drain line.

Although you can also clean the drain with a water-vinegar solution, once the drain hose shows signs of mould or mildew growth, the most effective way to get rid of the consequent odour is to replace the unit’s drain hose.

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Cleaning any and all of the above components should get rid of any sour smells that are coming from your De’Longhi air conditioning unit.

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