The difference between a window type and a split-type air conditioner

When you’re buying a new air conditioner, there are a lot of options to consider. One of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is whether you want a window type or a split-type.

Window-type air conditioners are less expensive, easier to install, and cool a small room. Split-type air conditioners are more expensive initially, but cheaper to operate and cool a large area.

The primary difference between a split-type AC and a window-type AC is the way the units are connected.

Here’s what you need to know to make the right decision.

What is split air conditioner? How does split air conditioner work?

  • Split ACs use two separate units. One unit cools the room, and the other warms it.
  • For split air conditioners, there is usually a thermostat that controls the heating part of the unit.
  • That thermostat is in the front of the unit and is usually a separate unit from the cooling unit.
  • The coils inside the unit, which found at the back, control the temperature of the air.
  • The thermostat controls the heating coils, while the HVAC uses an electric heating element to cool the air.

This is why a split AC unit needs a separate thermostat. A window-type air conditioner has a front thermostat and is wired with standard AC outlets.

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What is window air conditioner? How does window air conditioner work?

  • Window type air conditioners are cheaper and powerful enough to cool an average Filipino rooms.
  • Window air conditioners are simpler and can cool down a small room quickly. They’re usually stationary units mounted on a window and are just inside the window.
  • Window air conditioners work by circulating a cold air mist through the window panes, which absorbs sunlight. When the air is finally cooled, it’s released from the unit through the windows.
  • Because window air conditioners are less expensive, they can be used in less spacious areas. Window air conditioners typically cool down a room to 35 degrees Celsius (95 degrees Fahrenheit).
  • They’re also small enough that you can install them on a window, or simply mount one on the inside of a house to provide an easy way to cool a large area quickly.
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Which has better features, a split AC or a window AC?

When you go shopping for an air conditioner, you’ll have to decide which features are important to you. The two most common types of air conditioners are window-type and split-type.

There are some other technologies that can be used, but the most common air conditioners use these two types.

Disadvantage of window-type air conditioners

The disadvantage of window-type air conditioners is that they don’t cool a large room as well as split-type air conditioners.

It’s not because they don’t have good heating and cooling features, it’s because the windows are so small.

In fact, most window-type air conditioners have one or two central units per window.

Advantage of split-type AC

The advantage of split-type air conditioners is that they’re more expensive initially, but you can get one for a lower price if you buy a discount unit.

Benefits of window AC and split type AC

Window air conditioners are the simplest option for someone looking to save money and only have a small room. While you can use them in the room you sleep in, they’re more effective and efficient in a small space.

Of course, with window AC, you’ll have to take into account that your heater may use more energy to keep the room comfortable when you’re in bed, while the AC sits unused.

When choosing a window AC unit, do your research to determine the most efficient model for your home. To save money, window air conditioners are usually at the cheaper end of the market.

Air-conditioners can cost thousands of dollars, and sometimes they aren’t worth the investment. Window air conditioners may be a lot less expensive at first, but they need more upkeep.

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