Everstar portable air conditioner P1 error code

If your Everstar portable air conditioner is displaying a P1 error, this indicates that there is a problem with the drainage system of the unit.

Portable air conditioners are a good option for if you have a smaller space, but they may need more maintenance than built-in air conditioning units.

If your Everstar portable air conditioner is displaying a P1 error code, this can signify a number of issues with your unit’s drainage system, but there are various troubleshooting solutions that you can try to resolve this.

The pros and cons of portable air conditioning units

Portable air conditioners are a great solution if you only want to cool one room in your home or when you do not have central air conditioning. Portable air conditioners are advantageous in that they are more affordable, flexible, and are easy to install.

On the other hand, they are not as powerful as other types of air conditioners, which means that they are not as effective, they can only cool down small spaces, and they require more regular maintenance.

Everstar portable air conditioner P1 error code

Although portable air conditioners, like the Everstar portable air conditioner, have many advantages, the fact that all of the components of the air conditioner are housed in one single unit, rather than being split between an external and internal unit means that they will need regular maintenance and will likely experience various errors.

The P1 error code that appears on Everstar air conditioners is a good example of this. This error code represents a drainage protection malfunction. This error usually happens in conjunction with a P2 error, which is a water full protection malfunction.

The simplest way to resolve this issue is to drain the water of your portable air conditioner. It is also a good idea to open all the drain washers of your air conditioner and to ensure that they are still in place and that your portable air conditioner is not leaking.

To empty the tank, you need to drain the water into a vessel, or you can use a drainpipe or a pipe with a condensate pump, which will let your air conditioner drain automatically and should prevent P1 or P2 errors in the future.

Emptying your Everstar portable air conditioner with a drainpipe and a vessel

Regardless of what is causing the P1 error, your first step should be to empty the tank in your air conditioner that stores the moisture that is expelled when the air in your room is cooled down.

Most portable air conditioners, like the Everstar models, are partially or fully evaporative.

However, if it is particularly hot or humid in your area or you use your air conditioner quite frequently, this function may not work the way it is supposed to, and you will need to drain the moisture from your air conditioner manually, regularly.

Fortunately, this is a simple process, and it only requires that you switch your air conditioner off, open the bottom drain at the back of your air conditioner, and place a vessel, like a drip tray under the drain to collect the moisture.

How to drain a Toshiba portable air conditioner
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Setting up a continuous drain for your Everstar portable air conditioner

If you need to empty your water tank continuously to get rid of the P1 error message on your air conditioner, a continuous drain system, which drains the moisture from an AC automatically, is a good solution.

To do this, you need to secure a drain pipe, or a pipe with a condensate pump to the drain at the back of your air conditioner. A regular pipe will have to drain into a floor drain, but one with a pump will be able to drain out of a window.

Other troubleshooting solutions

The P1 error can signify a number of problems with the drainage system in your portable air conditioner.

This is why the first step in troubleshooting a solution to this problem is to inspect the washers around the drain of your unit and to check it for any possible leaks.

Washers seal the closure of your drain and if this opening is not sealed properly, it can result in leaks, which could cause damage to your air conditioner, furniture, and floors.

You can replace these washers yourself, by finding the appropriate size for your drain, or you can call a professional air conditioner technician if you are struggling or find other leaks in your air conditioner.

Everstar portable air conditioner P1 error code
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This P1 error could also be an indication of a problem with your float switch, which a professional will have to fix.

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