Exclamation mark on Dyson air purifier

You can clear the exclamation mark displayed on your Dyson air purifier by resetting the system, cleaning and checking the filters and even completing a manual oscillation.

Dyson air purifiers are designed to remove impurities from the air and look stylish while doing so.

However, the exclamation mark error may compromise how your Dyson air purifier functions. Fortunately, this error can be resolved by resetting the machine, checking the filters and even completing a manual oscillation.

Are the Dyson air purifiers worth the money?

Dyson has made a name for itself in the appliance industry with its innovative products and sleek designs that sets them apart.

The Dyson air purifiers are designed to give customers a sense of luxury, while also removing up to 99.97 percent of fine particles and cooling down the air in your space.

The air purifier models vary in price from $310 for the HP01 Pure Hot + Cool air purifier heater and fan to $998 for the PH04 Dyson Humidify+Cool Formaldehyde air purifier.

Dyson justifies this higher price point by including technologies such as HEPA filters, Wi-Fi compatibility, Night mode and generally quiet operation across the more expensive products in the range.

Exclamation mark on Dyson air purifier

Even though these products are luxurious, there are still times when the Dyson air purifier models can give consumers an error code or not work as they should.

In the case of the exclamation mark in a triangle error which some customers have had displayed on their Dyson air purifiers, Dyson has only indicated that this means that the product is not working quite right and have not given any specific details about the root cause to this problem.

Dyson advises that customers should reset their Dyson air purifier if any error occurs to see if this restores the product to normal functionality.

If this does not work, you can also visit the Dyson customer support webpage or call the customer support line at 844-705-4777, to try and find a solution this way.

However, users who have experienced this issue in the past have had great success in clearing the exclamation mark error by ensuring that the filter on their product has been placed back securely and in the right place.

Additionally, completing a manual oscillation to reset the system’s operation will also ensure that you have checked every possible issue.

How to reset your Dyson air purifier

The process to reset your Dyson air purifier is not complicated and will not take too long, which is why it is a good place to start to clear any errors, like the exclamation mark error, from your display.

To reset your air purifier, you will need to complete the following steps:

  • Step 1: Find the power button on the Dyson air purifier and on its remote control
  • Step 2: Press and hold both the power buttons for at least 10 seconds
  • Step 3: Wait for the Dyson air purifier’s screen to display numbers counting down from 10 to 1

Once this countdown has been completed, the reset on your Dyson air purifier is done and you will be able to power on the machine again and use it as usual.

If this did not clear the exclamation mark error, you can contact Dyson’s customer support team, or you can try the next few solutions to see if you can fix the problem yourself, first.

How to replace our Dyson air purifier air filters

Another way to go about clearing this exclamation mark error, which has worked for some Dyson customers in the past, is to clean or replace your air purifier’s air filters.

How to change Dyson filters
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Each model will work differently in this regard, so it is best to consult your owner’s manual for how to do this with our specific model.

The most important step here is to ensure that you replace the parts and the filter securely once they have been cleaned or replaced.

Models like the BP01 Dyson Pure Cool Me personal purifying fan might display the exclamation mark error if you have not clicked all the components together correctly after changing the filter.

How to complete a manual oscillation on your Dyson air purifier

A different way to get rid of the exclamation mark error on some Dyson air purifiers is to do a manual oscillation. To do this, you will need to:

  • Step 1: Unplug the air purifier and remove all of the filters
  • Step 2: Oscillate the purifier manually from end to the other (Hearing a clicking sound during this step is normal)
  • Step 3: Clean the sensors on either side of the air purifier

You can then put the filters back and turn the machine on again and it should work normally again.

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