Fujitsu air conditioner error code 97

A 97 error code on a Fujitsu air conditioner signifies that your outdoor fan motor may be obstructed, overheated or broken.

The outdoor unit of your air conditioner (AC) is actually one of the most important parts of the system, as it houses the condenser, compressor and fan.

If your Fujitsu air conditioner is displaying a 97 error code, then this indicates that there is an issue with the fan motor in this outdoor unit.

What your air conditioner’s outdoor unit does

Whole-home HVAC systems can be quite complicated, and while it is not always necessary for you to understand how each individual component functions, this knowledge can be quite useful when things start breaking down.

The outdoor condenser unit of your air conditioner may seem like nothing more than an eyesore when all the unit’s operations are running smoothly.

But this is actually where most of the AC’s important mechanical components are housed, and where most of the cooling of your air (and expelling of the warm, humid air by-product) takes place.

Fujitsu air conditioner error code 97

This outdoor condenser unit houses the condenser, the compressor and the fan of your air conditioning unit.

While the condenser and compressor are responsible for pumping the refrigerant which cools down the air, the fan has the equally important job of getting rid of the remaining hot air when this process is complete.

If your Fujitsu air conditioner is displaying a 97 error code message, this signifies that there is an issue with the fan motor on your outdoor unit.

Since this component is so crucial to the regular operation of an air conditioning unit, your air conditioner will not be able to function properly until this issue is resolved.

There are a few reasons why your outdoor unit fan motor may be experiencing this issue, including:

  • If the fan blades are unable to rotate properly
  • If the temperature around the motor is too high
  • If the main PCB or the motor itself has failed entirely

Fortunately, there are various troubleshooting solutions that could help you investigate this problem, and possibly even fix it yourself. If all goes well, you should be able to use your air conditioner as normal again, fairly soon.

Checking the rotation of your fan

Your first step in investigating a 97 error code on your Fujitsu air conditioner should be to check that the fan blades can turn properly, without any obstructions or blockages.

If you find that there are leaves or dirt preventing the fan blades from turning, then it may be time to clean out the outdoor unit. Scooping out any large debris that you can see can go a long way towards ensuring that this unit can function at its best.

You should be able to just take off the top part of the unit in order to reach inside it (remember to turn the unit off at the breaker before you remove any panels).

If the fan refuses to turn or had dropped off its axis, you may need to call a professional for assistance.

Checking the ambient temperature around the fan motor

You may also be seeing the 97 error code because your Fujitsu air conditioner’s condenser unit is overheating.

A thermometer gun, like the KIZEN infrared thermometer gun, can help you get an accurate surface temperature read on the components in the outdoor unit.

Fujitsu air conditioner error code 97
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There are many different things that could cause an air conditioner to overheat, but if you turn the appliance off for a while, the temperature may come down on its own.

You may then need to reset the air conditioner by switching it off at the breaker, leaving it for a few minutes, and then turning it back on to get rid of the 97 error code.

Checking the fan motor and main PCB

If you are particularly savvy with electronics and motors, you may even be able to check whether the motor and the main PCB are functioning correctly.

To check the fan motor itself, you will need to cross-reference with the details stated in your specific unit’s owner’s manual to ensure that all of the components are present and functioning normally.

If the fan motor speed drops to below 100 rpm within 20 seconds of the motor starting, or the fan starts up again within 60 seconds of switching off, or turns off completely after these first instances happen, then there is likely a problem with the motor.

As for the main PCB board, a normal voltage should be as follows:

Lead wire DC voltage
Red – Black 280V (AC220V-10%) ~ 373V (AC240+10%)
White – Black 15 give or take 1.5V

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