GE air conditioner error code E8

An E8 error code on your GE air conditioner means that it is overloaded, but cleaning the unit and resetting it should get it back to normal.

Air conditioners do generally make life much more comfortable and convenient, but they are still complicated appliances which can experience a variety of issues.

If your GE air conditioner is displaying an E8 error code, this means that the unit is overloaded and is malfunctioning. If this issue persists, a good cleaning and reset should get rid of the error.

When things go wrong with your air conditioner

Having an air conditioner (AC) can certainly make your space a lot more comfortable on hot and humid days. But your air conditioner will not always function the way that you want it to.

Air conditioners, especially smaller models, have to pack quite a few components and processes into a small, compact space.

So when you combine this with the appliance’s moisture and cooling elements, there are quite a few opportunities for things to go wrong.

GE air conditioner error code E8

Many modern air conditioning units have internal sensors which monitor the unit’s operation. These should alert you immediately when something is not quite right with the way that the unit is operating.

And although it can seem like a huge inconvenience when they suddenly pop up, these error codes are actually meant to help you (or the professional that you contact to help) to identify the problem or issue with a single glance.

This way, you can fix it and get back to enjoying that sweet cool air as soon as possible.

The E8 error code is one of the most common errors which occur with GE air conditioners, and it indicates that your air conditioner’s compressor is overloaded or is malfunctioning.

This often happens when the ambient temperature in your space is above 90 degrees Fahrenheit or if the humidity in your room is particularly high, both of which you can  keep track of with something like the ThermoPro TP49 portable thermometer and hygrometer device.

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However, if the E8 error persists even after the temperature and humidity has returned to normal, you may need to reset your air conditioner to get rid of the error.

It is also always a good idea to clean both the air filters and the inside of the air conditioner while it unplugged for the reset.

This ensures that the airflow throughout the unit is not being obstructed (and causing the compressor to work overtime) and that there is no excess dirt and debris building up inside the unit.

How to reset your GE air conditioner

It does not always matter how sophisticated or advanced the technology in your air conditioner is. Sometimes the best thing to do to get it working perfectly again is simply to switch it off, and then back on again.

Resetting your GE air conditioner is really as simple as that. All you will need to do is to turn the unit off, switch off the power outlet or the circuit breaker, then unplug the unit and wait about five minutes before plugging it back in again.

Cleaning your air filters

Over time, dust, dirt and other kinds of debris will build up on the surface of your air conditioner’s air filters. This can block the airflow to your unit, which means that some of the unit’s components will have to work harder than usual.

This is why it is always a good idea to clean your air filters while you have the unit turned off and unplugged.

Some lukewarm soapy water and a soft brush should be all you need to ensure that the filters are completely clean.

Remember to ensure that the filters are completely dry before placing them back into the unit.

Cleaning the inside of your GE air conditioner

Most air conditioner owners know that they should be cleaning their air filters fairly regularly (about once a month) by now. But few people realize that there is quite a bit of dirt and debris that builds up on the inside of the unit.

This dirt and debris can also impair the movement and functioning of various components of your GE AC, and this could be what is overwhelming your compressor.

You need to consult your owner’s manual for the exact steps that you should follow to open up your air conditioner unit, but it usually involves screwing off the front and back casings.

Once you have opened up the unit, you can gently brush down your coils and fan, and use a garden hose or an air duster to get rid of any remaining dirt on the inside.

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