Gree air conditioner error code A2

When the A2 error code is displayed on a Gree air conditioner, it indicates that the evaporator of the unit is getting too cold.

Air conditioners display error codes to warn you about issues in the unit that are preventing it from functioning properly.

When your Gree air conditioner warns you by displaying an A2 error, this indicates that the unit has gone into its freeze protection mode and that it will not be able to run until this error has been cleared.

Why do air conditioners display error codes?

It can be very frustrating and concerning when your air conditioner suddenly stops working and you have no idea what the problem could be.

As a result, many air conditioners display an error code when they stop working, to give you an idea of what the problem may be.

These error codes may be displayed as a result of insufficient power supply, technical faults, and a problem with one of the unit’s components, or for any other reason.

Gree air conditioner error code A2

Gree air conditioners are some of the models that display an error code to warn you when your air conditioner is not working correctly.

In most cases, your air conditioner will not switch on again until this error has been resolved and until the error code has been cleared from the display or control board.

If your Gree air conditioner is displaying an A2 error code, this signifies that the air conditioner has activated its anti-freezing protection mode.

This happens when the indoor evaporator temperature sensor detects that the temperature of the evaporator is lower than it should be.

If your air conditioner would have continued to run while this evaporator temperature is so low, this could damage the evaporator and your air conditioner would likely freeze.

Your Gree air conditioner will automatically shut off the compressor and outdoor fan motor when the A2 error code appears to try and protect the air conditioner’s electrical components from freezing.

Your air conditioner will then not operate again until the evaporator temperature has risen above the protective temperature. The best thing to do when this error appears is to let your Gree air conditioner thaw completely.

However, if you do not find the cause of this problem, like a blockage in airflow or low refrigerant levels, and fix it, your air conditioner will continue to display this error every time that the evaporator gets too cold.

How to let your Gree air conditioner thaw when the A2 code appears

If the A2 error code is displayed on your air conditioner and you want to get it working again as quickly as possible, the best thing to do is to let it thaw thoroughly.

This will bring the evaporator back up to a higher temperature and allow your air conditioner to switch the compressor and fan motor on again.

To thaw out your air conditioner, you can simply unplug the unit and wait for the coils to defrost on their own.

You can also use a heat gun or hair dryer to speed up this process if necessary, but too much heat can damage the coils, so it is imperative that you be careful. Laying some towels at the base of the unit can help you to avoid any damage from the melting condensate.

Why a blockage in airflow can cause the A2 error in Gree air conditioners

In order to function correctly, an air conditioner must take in warm air and run it over the evaporator coils, which are cold, to cool it down.

However, if there is not enough hot air coming into the unit, these evaporator coils may become too cold, which could be causing the A2 error.

Some of the factors that may be restricting airflow in your Gree air conditioner and how to fix these issues are as follows:

Factor How to fix the issue
Dirty or clogged air filters Clean the filters using a vacuum, or by scrubbing the filters carefully with a soft brush under lukewarm water
Obstructions in front of the vents Remove any curtains, furniture, or other obstructions that may be blocking airflow to the vents
Dirty evaporator coils Clean the evaporator coils with a coil cleaner and a coil brush Gree air conditioner error code A2 Gree air conditioner error code A2
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Why low refrigerant levels can cause the A2 error in Gree air conditioners

When the refrigerant level in your air conditioner is low, the refrigerant still needs to expand to the same amount and this can cause the temperature of the evaporator coils to become too low, which, in turn, may cause the A2 error.

In this case, you need to contact a professional to gauge and refill the refrigerant in your Gree air conditioner.

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