Green cooling solutions: Keystone shines on the ENERGY STAR most efficient 2024 List

The Keystone KSTAW08INV, a window-mounted air conditioner with 8,000 BTU and inverter technology, is crafted for effective cooling in rooms up to 350 sq. ft., incorporating user-friendly features for enhanced comfort.

Keystone promises that the KSTAW08INV model is a dependable air conditioning unit that can deliver consistent cooling for ultimate comfort, even during scorching days.

This 8,000 BTU inverter window-mounted air conditioner can efficiently cool rooms up to 350 square feet, while removing moisture at a rate of 1.2 pints per hour for effective dehumidification.

Ideal for medium-sized living spaces such as apartments and bedrooms, it incorporates special Inverter technology.

This technology optimizes energy usage by precisely controlling the motor speed, eliminating wasted operation and making the unit 27% more energy-efficient than standard window units.

With a convenient remote control, energy-saving modes, and a programmable 24-hour timer, this unit provides cost-conscious cooling.

The Check Filter alert tells you when it is time to clean the mesh filter, and Keystone offers a 1-year warranty, guaranteeing both performance and affordability for your comfort needs.

Key features of Keystone KSTAW08INV 8,000 BTU inverter air conditioner

Below is a comprehensive breakdown of its key attributes in a convenient table:

Feature Description
Cooling power Boasting 8,000 BTUs of cooling power, this air conditioner ensures effective temperature control in spaces up to 350 sq. ft. It also efficiently dehumidifies the air, removing up to 1.2 pints per hour for added comfort.
Inverter technology This model incorporates advanced inverter technology that optimizes energy usage by adjusting the motor speed precisely to the required power level, eliminating wasted operation.
Quieter operation Another benefit of inverter technology is the significant reduction in noise levels. This model reduces noise levels by 62% on low and 26% on high compared to regular window units.
Easy installation Designed for hassle-free installation, the Keystone KSTAW08INV fits windows 19.5-in tall with a minimum width of 23-in and a maximum width of 36-in.
Washable filter You can receive timely reminders to clean the filter free from dust and debris with the Check Filter alert, ensuring the unit runs smoothly.

Setting the standard: Standout ENERGY STAR most efficient air conditioners of 2024

The ENERGY STAR Most Efficient 2024 list, features products from Midea, LG and Keystone that redefine the standards of energy performance with cutting-edge efficiency and advanced technology.

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A selection that leads the industry and sets the new standards, these air conditioners not only promise optimal energy savings but also demonstrate an unwavering commitment to environmental preservation, embodying state-of-the-art efficiency and the latest innovations.

The following table provides a list of air conditioner models recognized as the most efficient by ENERGY STAR for the year 2024:

Brand Model Estimated Annual Energy Use (kWh/yr) Combined Energy Efficiency Ratio (CEER) Less Energy Use than US Federal Standard Markets Low Noise
Midea 1010451315 375.0 16.0 47% United States, Canada Yes
Midea 1010451479 468.8 16.0 47% United States, Canada Yes
Midea MAW08U1QWT 375.0 16.0 47% United States, Canada Yes
Midea MAW10U1QWT 468.8 16.0 47% United States, Canada Yes
LG LW6023IVSM 290.3 15.5 41% United States, Canada Yes
Keystone KSTAW08INV-HC 413.8 14.5 48% United States, Canada Yes
Midea MWAUQB-08HRFN8-BCL0 413.8 14.5 48% United States, Canada Yes

With a remarkable annual energy use of 413.8 kWh/yr and an outstanding Combined Energy Efficiency Ratio (CEER) of 14.5, the Keystone KSTAW08INV-HC surpasses the Less Energy Use than US Federal Standard by an impressive 48%, proudly carrying the ENERGY STAR certification and wearing the coveted “Most Efficient” tag.

Certified on 04/07/2023, this air conditioner is tailor-made for the United States and Canada markets.

Keystone KSTAW08INV is available for purchase on Amazon, in 3 different sizes: 12,000 BTU, 10,000 BTU and 8,000 BTU.

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