Hitachi RA-10HVQ 1HP window type aircon review

Hitachi is a popular brand in Japan so it means that this brand has proven reliability in the AC market.

Hitachi RA-10HVQ 1HP

Bang for buck ⭐⭐⭐⭐ HITACHI RA-10HVQ
Cooling capacity ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
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The Hitachi RA-10HVQ is a 1 HP, 2,544.43 BTU window ac unit that is capable of keeping up to 22 square meter of space cool.

It’s ideal for rooms that have high ceilings or open floor plans and will keep your space nice and cool while saving you money in energy costs.

It is available with a wireless remote control. It will run on just about any voltage between 220 and 230 volts, and it’s best to use the unit in a country (like the Philippines) that uses 60 Hz power.

Today we are reviewing the Hitachi RA-10HVQ 1HP Window Type Aircon. The RA-10HVQ is one of the more popular 1HP window type air conditioners on the market and is well known for its reliability and ease of installation.

Hitachi RA-10HVQ 1HP aircon features


Cooling Capacity (Kj/hr) 10,350 kj/h
Power (W) 841
Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) 12.3
Dimension (L x W x H) (cm) 59.94 x 46.99 x 33.78
Weight 33 kg
Cooling area 18 to 22 sqm

The Hitachi RA-10HVQ is one of the most energy-efficient air conditioners on the market, with an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) of 12.3.

Hitachi RA-10HVQ no noise operation

With the increase in the number of air conditioners in the market it has become very hard to find an air conditioner that is silent.

Window air conditioners in particular have a reputation for being louder than its central air counterparts. However fortunately there are some best window air conditioners in the market that are known for their quiet operation. One such unit is the Hitachi RA-10HVQ. This air conditioner was designed to glide into windows without creating any noise.

It is designed to be super quiet, so much so that you cannot hear it during operation. Even though it boasts of a “noise-free operation”, that isn’t to say it doesn’t have some noise to it, but it is very tolerable. It is designed with the user in mind.

Self-diagnose function

We have all had that sinking feeling when our air conditioning stops working, and we have to rely on the services of a (window type air conditioner) repairman to tell us what is wrong.

With Hitachi’s new self-diagnosing window air conditioner, this concern is rendered a thing of the past. The RA-10HVQ offers a fast self-diagnosis function, which will quickly and easily tell you what is wrong with your air conditioning. This function takes only 10 seconds to run, and is available from the remote control panel on the front of the air conditioner. The LED on the front will flash a number of times to show you the nature of the fault; two flashes for a minor fault, three flashes

The newly developed Self-diagnosis function on the Hitachi RA-10HVQ is a great addition to its already long list of features.

For example, if the compressor fails to start, the air conditioner will automatically detect this malfunction and inform you of the problem.

In addition to reporting problems like this, the system will also monitor the overall performance of the air conditioner and send you an alert if, for instance, the filter needs to be cleaned.

Auto swing blades

The RA-10HVQ is an auto swing window air conditioner, which instantaneously adjust air deflectors for extended cooling reach.

Dual fan blades

Provide unobstructed air flow that further maximizes the unit’s efficiency.

AION filter

The RA-10HVQ AION filter from Hitachi is one of the most effective types of air filter, effectively blocks out airborne bacteria and fungi so your family stays comfortable and healthy as well.

They are great at removing bacteria and fungal spores from the air, though they can be a bit noisy. This particular model is packed with AION filters, so not only will it help your family breathe easier, it will help the environment too!

Versatile mode settings

With three operating modes to choose from, the Hitachi RA-10HVQ is a versatile air conditioner with a range of features that will make it an ideal fit for any sized room. The Cool mode has a 24-hour timer, while the Fan mode has a programmable auto-shutoff feature. The Dry mode gives you the option of adding a dehumidifier to help rid your home of excess moisture.

User friendly refrigerant

Recognized by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as the most environmentally friendly refrigerant in the world, HVACR refrigerant R410A is a hydrofluorocarbon (HFC) that is not harmful to the ozone layer.

While this refrigerant is often used in high-end HVAC systems, many modern systems, such as the Hitachi RA-10HVQ, use R410A to save energy and money without sacrificing performance.

Stylishly modern design

Sophisticated and works perfectly well with any type of interior design motif.

The Hitachi RA-10HVQ is a beautifully styled air conditioning unit. Its elegant design can be perfectly accented with anything from traditional to modern interiors. There is a remote control that comes with it, which can be used to operate the air conditioner with convenience from the comfort of one’s couch.

High EER

In the world of window-type air conditioners, the Hitachi RA-10HVQ stands out for its high EER rating: 12.3. This is an important consideration since the higher its EER, the more efficient the unit and the more energy it saves.

Price of Hitachi RA-10HVQ

With summer fast approaching, households in and around Metro Manila have started thinking about their air-conditioners.

This is especially true of the government housing sector because of the long-term and seemingly-endless surge in electricity costs that has been wreaking havoc on most vulnerable sectors of society.

The price of a Hitachi RA-10HVQ 1HP air conditioner dances between 30,000 PHP and 32,000 PHP.

Given that a 1HP air-conditioner starts at 15,000 Philippine Peso and above, it is still an exceedingly attractive option for those looking for a new air conditioner because you’re under the Hitachi umbrella.

Where can you buy Hitachi RA-10HVQ 1HP

You can buy it in popular online stores like Lazada and Shopee. Similarly, you can purchase directly from the Hitachi main website.

Other online store who sells Hitachi RA-10HVQ 1HP ac:


There is also available variants of this model. You can purchase the 0.8 HP model that can fit into smaller households.

Installation of Hitachi RA-10HVQ

The Hitachi RA-10HVQ air conditioner’s installation instructions are simple in the manual.

However, many users have complained that they had to hire contractors to assist them with the installation.

This is due to the sheer size and weight of the unit, as well as the construction of the instructions. The majority of users have reported that the installation should take a maximum of four hours to complete.

However, the contractor installing the unit found that there were some issues with the document, requiring him to call the Hitachi technical support hotline.

The installation process involves a few steps and must be followed in the given manner. Otherwise, the air conditioner may not function properly. Let us now look at the installation steps for this air conditioner.


With its remote control, dual fan motors, and AION filter, the Hitachi RA-10HVQ can be the perfect window air conditioner

It’s also one of the quietest window air conditioners available, but it weighs on the heavier side.

However, as with any window air conditioner, you need to be sure your window meets the required size and that your window frame can support the weight of the device.

You also need to consider the size of the room or office where you want to install this ac unit as this may be too much for some households.

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