How do you fix a portable air conditioner that is not cooling?

Your portable air conditioner is not cooling, what could be the cause and what can you do to fix the related issues to restore the cooling capacity?


Owning an air conditioner is the best thing for anyone during the warmer and uncomfortable summer climates. Hot weather can be one of the most unbearable experiences to endure, and not having the luxury of a cooling system can make it much worse. Air conditioners significantly come in handy.

When you have invested in a good air conditioner for you and your home, enduring the heat can be bearable, but what happens when your air conditioner then begins to fail on you when you need it the most? How can one fix a portable unit that is not cooling?

Portable air conditioner not cooling

There is nothing worse than knowing that you have an excellent air conditioner waiting for you on a hot day, only to arrive home and find that something is not right with your particular unit.

In the case of a portable air conditioner not cooling, what can you do to fix this problem and restore your portable unit to its full functionality again? Well, knowing where the problem lies is first and foremost important.

How can you fix a portable air conditioner that is not cooling?

In any instance where something is no longer working properly or malfunctioning, determining where the problem lies is key to finding a solution and fixing it.

Having a portable air conditioner that is working one day and is not working the next, can be extremely frustrating for anyone who is not anticipating such an inconvenience.

Fortunately, establishing where the problem lies can help get it fixed faster and efficiently. Any appliance will start malfunctioning when there is a problem, and there can be a few reasons why your portable unit may no longer be cooling efficiently.

These can include different things such as clogged air filters, low freon levels, a faulty thermostat sensor, as well as something some might overlook, such as the incorrect size of the portable unit.

How to choose the correct sized portable unit

One of the things that might be needed to fix a non-cooling unit is to choose or change to a unit that is more properly matched in BTU cooling capacity and room size.

It is very possible that when you have chosen a portable unit that does not match the room size you are looking to cool, it will not cool the way it is supposed to.

This can happen if the unit is possibly too small in BTU and is struggling to cool down the room, because it is too large.

Cleaning clogged air filters to fix a non-cooling portable unit

Sometimes one of the biggest causes of an air conditioner not cooling can be due to the air filters not being clean and getting clogged up. It is very important to be sure that your air filters are always clean, as they play a vital role in the functioning of the unit at its optimum.

Ensuring to clean your units air filters can easily fix your portable unit and get it to cool properly again. Air filters are prone to collecting dust, mould, lint and other particles that clog them.

Recharging the air conditioners freon for better cooling

There are cases where a key component of your unit, known as the Freon, can leak. When this happens, the freon levels decrease causing the unit to not function and cool the way it needs to be.

Recharging the freon is the best solution to fixing your portable unit that is not cooling because of lowered freon levels.

It is important that this is done by an expert, as freon cannot be easily handled by just anybody. It is also important to note that the freon will need to match the manufacturers.


It can be one of the worst things to have an air conditioner that just starts malfunctioning out of nowhere and without warning. Knowing how to diagnose and fix the issue will get your air conditioner back to its original state, delivering the cooling you always expect of it.

When your portable air conditioner is not cooling, there could be a number of reasons as to why, including issues like sizing, clogged air filters and freon leakages. Luckily these are all issues that can be fixed to restore your portable unit to cool down a space as it was.

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