How does a window air conditioner work?

Learning the ins and outs of how a typical window air conditioner works, what a window air conditioner is, and how to pick the right one for you.

Before getting into the details of how a window air conditioner works, it is best to get into detail of what a window air conditioner actually is. The window air conditioner is regarded as the simplest type of air conditioning unit, and probably the most familiar one of most households or spaces.

It is a single unit with all of its parts and components securely enclosed inside one box or casing. The unit is typically mounted or installed in a window and plugged into a traditional electrical outlet. It is known to be convenient as it can be moved from window to window as needed and will operate independently from a home heating, ventilation and air conditioner (HVAC) system.

How do window air conditioners work?

Window air conditioners may seem like complicated devices at first, however, the process of how they work to deliver cool air is not hard to understand.

A window air conditioner makes use of two air cycles in order to operate. The interior of the unit will use a fan to blow air over the evaporator to cool down the room, while the exterior of the window unit will utilise the second fan to blow outside air over the condenser to cool it down.

The window air conditioner will also use refrigeration properties in order to remove heat and humidity from a room while ensuring to cool the air circulating in the room or space.

The basic elements used to achieve this process include the thermostat, a fan or blower, tubing filing with refrigerant, a compressor, an evaporator coil as well as a condenser coil. As the temperature in the room or space increases, it in turn triggers the thermostat in the air conditioner which then turns on the blower.

The hot air in the room, which is also filled with dust particles, is then drawn into the unit and works its way over the cold refrigerant coils. The air is basically cooled as it passes over the cold coils and is then pushed out into the room, offering the cooling it needs and decreasing the temperature of the space.

How to go about picking the right window air conditioner for your home or space

One of the first considerations to make when thinking of investing in a window air conditioner, is the size of the unit. It is to note that if it is too small, it may need to work more than it should in order to achieve a cool room, resulting in you still having a room that is not as cool as it needs to be.

If however, the unit is too big, it can end up cooling the room quicker than it should without properly removing the humidity. This will result in a room or space that is still too sticky.

It is also important to note the square footage and measurements of the room or spaces you are looking to provide with the necessary cooling. A window air conditioner will usually need 20 BTU (British thermal units) cooling capacity to be able to cool approximately one square foot of a space, multiply that number by 20 and it should give you the BTU’s you would need to cool that particular space.

You need to also be careful of the window you choose to install your unit. Consider the size of the window, the location within the room, as well as the exposure to the elements that can affect the air conditioner’s effectiveness.

What are some of the best window air conditioners available on Amazon?

Midea EasyCool window air conditioner

The Midea EasyCool window air conditioner comes in different BTU offerings. You get the option of choosing between the 6 000 BTU, 8 000 BTU, 10 000 BTU and the 12 000 BTU. It offers 3-in-1 functionality, fast cooling that is efficient as well as easy installation.

LG 10 000 BTU 115V window air conditioner

The LG 10 000 BTU 115V window air conditioner offers a low noise performance as low as 52dB, is energy star certified meeting all high standards, has multiple fan speeds and can cool a room up to 450 square feet. Considered to be medium sized rooms.

Frigidaire Mini-compact window-mounted air conditioner

The Frigidaire Mini-compact window-mounted air conditioner offers 5 000 BTU cooling capacity, with a wattage of 450 watts and able to cool 150 square feet.

So in choosing the right air conditioner for you and your home, it is important to consider how it will work. With window air conditioners being the most common type, ensuring you know everything about its functionality is key.

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