How long can you run a portable air conditioner continuously?

Using your portable air conditioner continuously means you can constantly enjoy a cooled environment but being mindful of the drawbacks can help you prevent unwanted issues.

People who own portable air conditioners have the luxury of using their air conditioner in any room they occupy. All they need is to have a way to vent it, either through a window or by draining it manually when the water or condensate tank fills up.

Sometimes, the temperatures can be warm all throughout the day and a continuously running AC unit is a necessity. Since portable units need to be drained of accumulated water in the unit, is it possible for a portable unit to run continuously all day?

Running portable air conditioners continuously

Certain weather conditions can call for air conditioner cooling all day and night. Many people who live in areas where the heat and humidity are extreme for long periods may wonder if they can run their air conditioners continuously throughout the day and night and whether it is safe to do so for their air conditioners.

Can a portable air conditioner be used continuously too?

How long can you run a portable air conditioner continuously?

Excessive use of an air conditioner, no matter what type, can eventually lead to wear and tear and deterioration in the lifespan of the unit.

This can be worrisome for people who may enjoy having their cooling system running for extended periods of time throughout the day and night, but is it possible, and is it possible for people with a portable air conditioner?

The main question would be how long a portable air conditioner can run for and what it would mean for the state of the machine.

Portable air conditioners can be used throughout the day and night, at times they can even be used through the season with the proper care and routine maintenance.

This would, however, be at your own risk since running a cooling system means increased electricity bills, the likelihood of potential damage to the unit, and decreased longevity.

While it is possible to continuously run the unit, you should consider the effects of this in the long run, especially if you want to use it throughout the season.

Not all portable units are built the same, therefore, being mindful of how much your portable air conditioner can take is valuable.

Continuous operation also means that the unit fills up with moisture fast, meaning a continuous drain hose should be attached to the unit.

The benefit of a continuous drain hose

Using a continuous drain hose for your portable air conditioner will give you one less concern when it comes to safely running the unit for ongoing long periods.

These hoses can be found on Amazon and are attached to the drain outlet or plug located at the back of the unit for continuous draining.

With a hose, you do not have to drain your air conditioner manually when it fills up and it ensures that your unit can keep operating effortlessly without stopping when the water tank is full.

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Maintaining your portable unit when it is continuously running

Using your portable air conditioner continuously will result in extra maintenance. The unit will need to be maintained more frequently if it is going to run for long periods of time and components such as the air filters will be more prone to gathering dust and debris faster.

The air filter needs to be regularly checked and maintained to avoid them getting easily clogged with dirt. Using a drain hose does not mean the condensate tank does not need cleaning. Moisture can still lead to mould and mildew growth.

Continuous running of the AC can cause dry air

Another downside to running a portable air conditioner continuously is that it can make the air dry. The relative indoor humidity may end up dropping to lower levels.

A certain amount of moisture is needed indoors and when an air conditioner is working excessively, it will cause moisture levels to drop which, in turn, causes an unpleasant experience as dry air can be uncomfortable to live in.

So you should be careful not to strip a room of moisture completely.

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