How long do air conditioner window units last?

Window air conditioning units were not designed to last forever and they do have a lifespan of up to 20 years, at the most.

Though there is a wide variety of air conditioning systems to choose from, all of them do the same job of cooling down or warming up spaces.

Additionally, all of them come with a lifespan of a certain number of years in which time they should provide good functionality and performance.

Like many other household appliances, air conditioners last up to a certain point. With consistent use, air conditioners will inevitably get worn out and deteriorate over time.

If you plan on investing in one, you should know how long you can expect an AC to last to decide if it is worth getting.

Lifespan of certain air conditioners

The more you use something, the more its lifespan will decrease. Air conditioners are complex machines that cool the air of an indoor environment.

They are quite prone to wear and tear over time, and different brands and models have varying average lifespans that you can expect them to last if they are well maintained and kept in good working condition.

Some units are built to last longer than others, as is evident in the table below:

Air conditioner types Average lifespan
Portable AC 5-10 years
Window AC 10-20 years
Mini-split AC 15-20 years
Central AC 10-25+ years

How long do air conditioner window units last?

The more a window air conditioner is used, the more its working efficiency will decrease. All household appliances go through this, as they are not intended to last a lifetime, at some point they give in.

There is no way to prevent this from happening, although it is possible to help a window air conditioner to last longer than its intended lifespan.

The average lifespan of a window unit is about 10 to 20 years, at their best. They can also last for a shorter time than 10 years and longer than 20 years, in some cases.

Even lower quality window units can last more than 10 years if they are well maintained. Window units are the most durable, low-cost air conditioners you can purchase and be satisfied with.

The biggest contributing factor to making your window air conditioner last longer is how well you maintain it.

Fortunately, window units do not need as much maintenance as some others. Inspecting and maintaining the unit will keep it in its best working condition for longer.

There are a few other factors that may determine how long your window air conditioner will last, and it will be helpful to know these if you have a window AC.

Setting your AC to cool smartly can maximise efficiency and extend its lifespan

People who like to set their cooling temperatures to the coldest they can, may not know that they are actually causing more wear and tear for their window AC units.

There is no need to do this as it results in the unit working at its maximum capacity for prolonged periods of time. This, in turn, results in more rapid deterioration from the unit overworking when it does not need to.

Investing in a smart thermostat will maximise your unit’s efficiency. They are capable of automatically adjusting temperature settings to energy-efficient levels and also aiding the unit to not overwork.

Storing the window AC with care when inactive

When the winter season arrives, you will have no use for your window AC, unless it also has a heating function. When winter comes, it is best to remove the unit and store it somewhere safe in an upright position when it is inactive.

Leaving it in the window can expose it to freezing in extremely cold, unfavourable and potentially harmful weather like rain and snow, which will result in rapid wear and tear, and a decreased lifespan.

How location affects the lifespan of your window unit

Where you live and the climate in your location will play a role in how long or short your unit’s lifespan will be. Some areas in America have much warmer climates than others, for instance, Texas can be particularly warm, while Alaska is not.

In a hotter climate such as that of Texas, you will likely run your window air conditioner more frequently and at much lower temperatures, meaning the unit will be working hard to maintain cool indoor conditions. This can increase the wear and tear of the unit and can decrease its lifespan.

In cooler climates, however, there will rarely be a need to lower your temperatures drastically, so the unit will not have to work as hard. In this kind of climate, the unit will not deteriorate quickly, and it will possibly last longer.

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