How long do Frigidaire refrigerators last?

Frigidaire refrigerators should last over 13 years if you take good care of it by completing regular maintenance and cleaning activities.

Frigidaire refrigerators have good reliability and many additional features that make them easy and convenient to use.

However, just like with all other appliances, the Frigidaire refrigerators need to be replaced eventually even though they are so reliable. Most of these models will likely last more than 13 years if you take good care of them over the years.

Is Frigidaire a good brand for refrigerators?

Most home appliances are not inexpensive or easy to replace and this is why it is important that you investigate a brand thoroughly before you choose to purchase an appliance from it.

Frigidaire refrigerators are known for their exceptional high-quality production and reliability, which makes them an excellent choice.

Especially if you want a refrigerator that will keep your food cold and have many features like smudge-proof exteriors, adjustable shelving, increased energy efficiency, and many other smart features.

How long do Frigidaire refrigerators last?

When you purchase a large appliance like a refrigerator, you should compare different brands for many reasons.

One of the top reasons is to ensure that you find a brand that will provide you with a refrigerator that will be able to last in your home for years to come.

Since purchasing or replacing a refrigerator can be quite a large investment, especially if you are considering a popular brand like Frigidaire, you will want to have the reassurance of knowing that your refrigerator is going to last you at least a decade before you need to start replacing parts and components of the entire refrigerator.

The Frigidaire refrigerators are pretty well-aligned with the lifespan of other similar refrigerators in the market, and they usually last about 13 to 20 years.

There are a few factors that can impact this average, for instance, Frigidaire refrigerator models with built-in water and ice dispensers tend to only last about 10 years before these components need to be replaced.

Some older models with fewer mechanical components have been known to last up to 40 years or longer.

However, generally, you can expect your Frigidaire refrigerator to last you well past the 10-year parts and labour warranty period if you take good care of it over the years.

The best ways to ensure that your Frigidaire refrigerator lasts for as long as it possibly can before it needs to be replaced is to keep your condenser coils consistently clean, to not let the refrigerator get too empty or too full, and to ensure that it does not need to work too hard to keep your food, produce, beverages, and condiments cold.

How to keep the coils of your Frigidaire refrigerator clean

The condenser coils on your Frigidaire refrigerator are an integral part of the refrigeration process and they are how your refrigerator gets rid of latent heat.

However, over time, these coils can get caked with dirt and grime and this will make them much less effective and efficient, and it will force your refrigerator to work harder than it should, resulting in wear and tear on the fridge’s other components.

This is why keeping the coils clean can make the entire refrigerator last much longer and you can do this by running over the coils with the brush attachment of your vacuum cleaner or a dryer vent brush.

How to make your Frigidaire fridge last longer by storing the right amount of food

Frigidaire refrigerators and most other refrigerators are designed to operate optimally when you have just the right amount of food in the fridge.

When you have little to no food stored in your refrigerator, the appliance needs to work harder to keep the space cool. This places more strain on all of the components, which means that they will not last as long.

However, on the other hand, when your refrigerator is too full, it does not have proper circulation and flow and this can also force the electrical components to work harder than they should.

How to make it easy for your Frigidaire refrigerator to stay cool so that it will last longer

In the end, the best way to ensure that your Frigidaire refrigerator lasts as long as possible is to place as little strain on the refrigerator as you can, which allows it to cool as seamlessly as possible. You can do this by:

  • Waiting for food and other items to cool before placing them in the fridge
  • Not putting the refrigerator near high-heat areas or appliances
  • Not placing too many things on top of it

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