How many rooms can a 14 000 BTU air conditioner cool?

Having a 14 000 BTU air conditioner means that your space should be between 500 and 700 square feet in size for the unit to cool it efficiently.

The summer heat has arrived and the time has come to consider investing in an air conditioning system for when the heat and humidity feel overwhelming. Choosing the right size system can help you.

The size of the air conditioner you buy is one of the most important considerations to make . Choosing the correct BTU in an air conditioner makes all the difference in the cooling experience you will have, and it is imperative that you know what size you need.

BTU: What does it mean for you and you air conditioner?

The measurement used for air conditioner sizes is the British Thermal Unit (BTU). The measuring unit is a key aspect of choosing the right air conditioner for the size of your space. The bigger the BTU size of an air conditioner, the larger the area it can cool efficiently.

So, knowing how big your space is in square feet helps you determine how many BTU’s you need to look for in a cooling unit.

How many rooms can a 14 000 BTU air conditioner cool?

Knowing the size of the space that you want to place your 14 000 BTU air conditioner in is helpful. Typically, a 14 000 BTU air conditioner can cool rooms of between 500 and 700 square feet.

If you have an open plan home or space that is this size, it is possible that the unit can cool multiple rooms in your space.

If your space is bigger than this, bear in mind that your unit may struggle to cool the space efficiently and if your room is too small, the unit could be overpowering, making the experience uncomfortable.

For those looking to invest in a unit that will meet your cooling needs, Amazon has a range of 14 000 BTU air conditioners to choose from.

AC brand Description Price Where to buy
LG Portable unit
  • 25 percent more energy efficient dual inverter technology
  • Ultra-quiet operation at 44 decibels in sleep mode
  • Multiple fan and cooling speeds
  • Cools rooms of up to 800 square feet, making it ideal for large 20’ x 40’ rooms
$629.53 How many rooms can a 14 000 BTU air conditioner cool?
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Black+Decker Portable unit
  • Quiet and powerful operation
  • Cools rooms up to 350 square feet
  • 3-in-1 functionality (cool, fan, dehumidify)
  • Easy to use and clean with bucket-less self-evaporation
$441.76 How many rooms can a 14 000 BTU air conditioner cool?
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DeLonghi Portable unit
  • Super quiet with noise reduction of up to 4 decibels
  • Powerful cooling for rooms up to 700 square feet
  • Eco RealFeel will save up to 30 percent in energy consumption
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BTU calculators and other considerations

An air conditioner should generally have 20 BTU for every square footage of living space. So, when you have determined the size of your room (length width) you need to multiply it by 20 to get the right BTU size.

Other factors such as the height of your space, the local climate (how hot or cold it generally is), how much sun exposure your space gets, and the number and size of windows there are in the space will contribute to the final number of BTU’s you need in a unit.

BTU = square footage (length x width) x 20 (BTU per square foot)

Steps to calculate the air conditioner size that you need

Step What to do
1 Measure length and width of all living spaces
2 Add all measurements up to determine the total square footage
3 Multiply the total square footage by 20

When will you need a higher BTU air conditioner?

Having considered the height of your room, the type of climate you are dealing with, and the number of windows you have, you may need more or less BTU’s in an air conditioner for it to effectively cool your space.

So, if your space has high walls, above-average sized windows, and you live in a place where the climate is particularly hot, like California, Florida, Mexico, or Texas, then you need higher BTU’s in a unit, especially if the room you are cooling is facing the sun.

Electrical system requirements for powering your air conditioner

Powering your unit correctly can help you avoid any electrical issues. Room air conditioners operate on 120- or 240-volt circuits. The standard household receptacle is a connection for a 120-volt branch circuit.

Large room units rated at 120 volts may need a dedicated circuit while air conditioners rated at 240 volts need a special circuit.

If your unit is not powered accordingly, you may end up experiencing power surges due to the large load taken on by an outlet that is not designed to withstand your air conditioner’s power requirements.

Final thoughts

When buying an air conditioner, it is important to know and understand the requirements of the room you intend to cool, so that you can get the right sized air conditioner.

This will ensure that you meet the demands of the cooling capacity that the space will need from the air conditioning unit.

If you are thinking of purchasing a 14 000 BTU unit, bear in mind that it will be able to cool rooms of between 500 and 700 square feet with some additions if your space has high ceilings, is in a very warm climate, and has above-average sized windows that allow sunlight in.

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