How much does it cost to replace air conditioner coils?

A closer look at the costs of replacing the evaporator and condenser coils of an air conditioning unit and the signs to look for when they need replacement.


Having an air conditioner in your home means that every component of the unit, both inside and outside parts, need to be well maintained in order for the air conditioner to consistently be operating optimally. That being said, certain parts of a unit need to be replaced when necessary.

Replaceable parts of your air conditioner are your evaporator and condenser coils. Over time these coils experience wear-and-tear from operation and are technically meant to last a certain amount of time if they have been well maintained over the years that you have used your unit.

Considering the cost of replacing air conditioner coils

When the time comes to replace your evaporator or condenser coils, you will have to consider the costs of the right replacement for your unit.

Different units require specific types of coils, so it is critical that you get the right one for your unit, which will also depend on the size of your unit, the brand, cooling coil type, and sometimes the location.

When looking for a replacement, checking if your old coils are still under warranty will determine the cost of new coils.

How much does it cost to replace air conditioner coils?

The costs of replacing your evaporator and condenser coils will vary depending on the size and the type of coil you purchase. Evaporator coils are priced differently depending on whether the coil is cased or uncased.

Below is a list and description of the costs, including the installation prices:

Coil type Coil size Costs for part only Installation costs
Condenser 1.5 tons From $400 From $475
Condenser 5.0 tons Up to $1 500 Up to $1 200
Evaporator (Cased) 1.5 tons From $300 From $500 to $1 500+
Evaporator (Cased) 5.0 tons Up to $1 800 From $500 to $1 500+
Evaporator (Uncased) 1.5 tons From $185 From $500 to $1 500+
Evaporator (Uncased) 5.0 tons Up to $1 700 From $500 to $1 500+

These are the average costs to expect for replacing your air conditioner coils to ensure your unit is running optimally again.

What is the difference between a condenser coil and evaporator coil?

It may be beneficial to understand the difference between the two most important components of your cooling system.

The evaporator coil is located in the inside unit and extracts heat and moisture from the indoor air to transfer it to the refrigerant inside the coil.

Heated refrigerant gas travels to the outdoor unit. The condenser coil in the outside unit scatters the heat outdoors before refrigerant returns to the indoor unit with the help of the compressor.

What to look out for as an indicator that your evaporator coils need replacement

It can be challenging to know when your evaporator coils need replacing, but there are signs to pay attention to. If you notice any leakage in the indoor unit or air handler, you should check the condition of your coil.

If your unit often turns on and off and does not provide a sufficient cold air supply, the coil could be malfunctioning.

Furthermore, hissing or clanging noises point to evaporator coil issues, and if warm air is blowing from vents instead of cold air, something is wrong.

Issues that indicate that condenser coils need to be replaced

Some of the issues that indicate that your condenser coil needs to be replaced are similar to issues that arise with evaporator coils. These can be low cooling – if your condenser unit is no longer cooling the way it was, this is your first sign.

Grinding, clicking, or slapping noises from the condenser indicate a problem, leakages coming from the unit is another cause for concern.

The last thing you may notice is that your electricity bills are getting higher due to condenser coil failure.

Final thoughts

Air conditioning units have components called evaporator and condenser coils. These are critical to your system and they need to be working and maintained well in order for your unit to be performing optimally, as bad coils mean bad functionality.

In the event that you experience issues with your air conditioner, check your coils as they may need to be replaced. The cost of replacing your coils may vary depending on the size and type of coil you need, and mostly range between $200 and $1 700, possibly more.

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