How to change Dyson filters

To change the filters of your Dyson air purifier or humidifier, you first need to open the unit and remove the old filters.

Dyson uses both high efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters and carbon filters in their products to ensure that they work as effectively as possible.

Dyson filters need to be changed differently on varying models, but the process is not complicated, and your Dyson unit will notify you when it is time for the filters to be changed.

How Dyson filters work

Dyson has a wide range of air purifying and humidifying products that use air filters in their designs. The main types of filters used in Dyson products are HEPA filters and carbon filters.

HEPA filters are responsible for removing up to 99.95 percent of ultra-fine particulates, like dust and other debris in the air.

Activated carbon filters also work to remove particulates, including harmful particulates like odours and other gasses from the air in your space.

Some Dyson models combine the functionality of both of these kinds of filters to ensure that you have exceptionally clean and clear air.

How to change Dyson filters

Dyson is well-known not only for the effective and efficient way that they design their various appliances, but also for the sleek aesthetics of these appliances. This means that the Dyson products not only work well, but they look great in your space as well.

Since the look of the products is such a big part of the Dyson brand, air purifiers and humidifiers have slightly different internal designs to accommodate this signature look.

This includes the bladeless tower design that Dyson is known for in products such as the Dyson Pure HP04, DP04, TP04, and TP01 models, and the other models such as the BP01, which has a removable top.

As a result of these distinctive designs, there are also different ways to change Dyson filters. Dyson filters only need to be replaced once a year if you use them for a full 12 hours in a day. This is a very convenient process and should not take long to complete at all.

Whether you are changing your filters or cleaning them, it is important to make sure that your Dyson is switched off and unplugged before you start the process.

How to change the filters on a tower-type Dyson

The tower-type Dyson models are designed to need as little maintenance as possible and the process to change these filters is as follows:

  • Step 1: Locate the clips on either side of the bottom, outside part of your Dyson
  • Step 2: Push down both clips simultaneously to release the covers on your Dyson, as this will cause your unit to basically split in two, with a HEPA filter in each half
  • Step 3: Press the purple button at the top of each half of this outside part to release the HEPA filters
  • Step 4: To remove the green carbon filters, which will still be on the inside of the Dyson, tug on them slightly
  • Step 5: Open your replacement carbon and HEPA filters
  • Step 6: Slot the carbon filters into place until you hear them click on both sides
  • Step 7: Slide the HEPA filters into place on the outside of the Dyson until you hear them click on both sides and the purple button slides back into place
  • Step 8: Place both the outside halves with the HEPA filters back onto the bottom of your Dyson and listen for the click on each side
How to reset filter on Dyson fan
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How to change the filters on a Dyson that has a removable top

The process of changing the filters is similar for Dyson models that have removable tops, except that you need to screw or lift up the top instead of pushing the buttons on the side of the unit, and then follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Once you have unscrewed or lifted off the top of your Dyson AC, you will see the old circular filter in the centre of your unit
  • Step 2: Remove this filter or the filter casing and clip out the filter
  • Step 3: Replace this filter with your replacement filter
  • Step 4: Replace the top of the unit and ensure that it clicks into place
How to change Dyson filters
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How to know that your Dyson filter needs to be changed

Most of the Dyson AC models will give you a warning on the LED screen when it is time for your filter to be changed, but, as mentioned previously, this will not happen more than once a year.

However, you can also replace your filter if you notice that the air coming from your purifier or humidifier smells musty or blows dirt back into the room.

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