How to check Carrier AC warranty

To check the status of your Carrier AC warranty, you can visit the Carrier website or contact the customer care line with your serial number ready.

Carrier has a wide range of air conditioners that span across various price ranges and capabilities to fit every budget and need.

Carrier ACs also come with a warranty when you purchase them, which has its pros and cons. To check this warranty, you can visit the carrier website or contact their customer care line.

About Carrier air conditioners

Carrier has been manufacturing air conditioners and other home appliances for over 120 years. The brand has three main product ranges when it comes to their air conditioning products, including the Comfort Series, the Performance Series, and the Infinity Series.

The Comfort Series is the range with the most affordable products that have the most basic features. The Performance Series offers mid-range products that have additional features, such as a dehumidifier setting and more.

The Infinity Series is a premium range that includes the most expensive air conditioners in the Carrier catalogue, but also boasts some of the most powerful and efficient air conditioners on the market.

How to check Carrier AC warranty

Carrier does not offer home warranty plans where all of your appliances are covered under one policy, but they do offer a warranty for every Carrier air conditioning product that you purchase from the brand.

This means that you, as the owner, get a warranty for every individual air conditioner (AC) that you purchase from Carrier.

When your Carrier AC is installed by a registered Carrier Installer or dealer, they will provide you with your Carrier warranty certificate and you need to register for your warranty as soon as possible, to ensure that you get the full coverage of your Carrier AC if you ever need it.

Most Carrier AC warranties cover the parts, compressor, and replacements for up to 10 years for original owners and up to five years for secondary owners.

This is very convenient, as your AC parts will be covered for many years, but this can make it difficult to know whether your specific AC is covered a few years down the line.

In order to check your warranty coverage on your Carrier AC, you can visit the warranty lookup webpage or contact the customer care line at 1-800-CARRIER (1-800-227-7437), where you need to enter the serial number of your AC and specify whether you are a first or secondary owner.

You can also check the information on your original warranty certificate if you still have it. As you check on the status of your Carrier AC warranty, it is also important to consider the various pros and cons of this type of warranty.

Important specifics about the Carrier AC warranties

When you register for a warranty on your Carrier AC and you are the original (first) owner, who has registered the warranty within 90 days of installation, you qualify for the Enhanced Parts Warranty, which covers you for up to 10 years in most cases.

However secondary (or subsequent) owners do not qualify for this extended warranty and only receive the Standard Parts Warranty that is valid for five years.

Some regions like California and Quebec also do not need to register to receive the full 10-year warranty. These terms are the same for AC products across all the Carrier AC ranges, including the Comfort, Performance, and Infinity Series.

The positive aspects of the Carrier AC warranties

Although it may seem inconvenient to have an over-arching warranty or insurance plan for all of your appliances, the Carrier AC warranty does have some redeeming qualities.

The most apparent benefit of this warranty is the fact that you do not have to pay for it on top of the price of your AC and that services will be free under this warranty.

In addition to this, Carrier AC warranties can be transferred between owners. This means that if you are selling a house with a carrier AC, you will be able to transfer the air conditioner’s warranty to the new owner, or that you will be able to take over a Carrier AC warranty if you are the one buying the house.

The negative aspects of the Carriers AC warranties

However, you will need to take out separate warranties for the other appliances in your home and your Carrier AC needs to be installed and serviced by a registered Carrier Installer, Servicer, or Dealer for the warranty to take effect.

There are also other violations that will negate the terms and conditions of Carrier AC warranties, as with any other warranty.

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