How to clean a window air conditioner without removing it?

Exploring various ways you can safely clean a window air conditioner without having to remove the entire unit completely, the supplies needed, and the steps to follow.

Should you have a window air conditioning unit that is in need of cleaning, knowing that you do not need to remove the entire air unit can be convenient for you, in terms of saving on costs.

It’s recommended that you do all the research necessary in order to successfully clean your window air conditioner without the hassle of removing the entire unit. Like most things, you would not want to do it without all the necessary know-how, as this could result in further damage.

What supplies are needed to clean a window air conditioner without removing it?

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You have resolved to cleaning your window air conditioner without removing it, but do you have the right supplies to perform the task? Making sure you have the right supplies to do this safely will be critical.

Of these supplies, you would need a bucket or a nearby sink that will be filled with warm soapy water. You will also need a vacuum that comes with a soft brush attachment, another soft brush or comb that you don’t usually use, a spray bottle filled with warm water and two drops of dishwashing detergent.

You would need to use cloths that you would not mind getting dirty as the job will be messy. A newspaper will also be placed underneath the air conditioning unit. You would need a screwdriver and a place to put screws and other small parts in such as a small container, so that the parts are not lost while working.

Heavy duty gloves will be important to protect your hands from the sharp fins, and then a fin comb will come in handy in case the coils need to be straightened. In case you might be wondering where to get a fin comb, you can find some on Amazon to do the job.

An example of one would be this Air conditioner fin comb and condenser fin straightener. It is a high-quality comb with fin straighteners made with stainless steel.

What are the steps to safely cleaning your window air conditioner without removing it?

One of the first steps to cleaning your air conditioner is to unplug it from the wall, making sure that the power is off as you will be using water-based products. If not, this could be dangerous or even fatal as it can result in electrocution.

Next you would need to remove the grill of the unit to remove the filter. You can let your filter soak in the bucket of soapy water and then allow it to remove the dirt.

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Next, you would have to remove the case off the air conditioner which is where your screwdriver will be needed. This will allow you to inspect parts such as the condensation drain and other removable parts which can also be soaked in the warm soapy water.

The drain pan will also need to be cleaned to avoid the growth of mould from water collected in the pan.

You would then need to carefully vacuum out any dust balls or other stuff in the unit with the vacuum soft brush attachment, mix your water and the two drops of dish detergent and spray this inside the unit to wipe the areas clean. Be sure to also look at the fins and use your fin comb to clean them and ensure they are straight.

The condenser coils will need to be cleaned by spraying them with the detergent water and allowing all the grime to run off. Let it dry thereafter. Once all of that is done, you will then reassemble your air conditioner unit by putting back every part as it was and making sure everything is dry.

What are the benefits of cleaning your window unit?

Making sure to clean your air conditioner will guarantee that it is functioning at its best all the time. When the air filter is clean, it will surely be doing its job effectively.

This is because a dirty air filter could lead to breathing issues as well as cause clogging resulting in a lack of sufficient air flow. When the fins are clean and kept straight, air will flow through without hindrance. When your window air conditioner is regularly cleaned, it will allow for you to easily identify any mould issues early.

So, should you choose to clean your air conditioner without removing it, make sure that you have all the necessary supplies to do the job and to ensure to consult the user manual for any instructions to follow.

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